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Food locker?



  • Sp1tfire
    Sp1tfire Posts: 1,120 Member
    In my house we can only 'claim' food if we bought it ourselves with our own money. Anything in our shared budget is shared. We often request 'hey can you save x for me' or 'please don't eat the last of y' and that usually is respected!
  • Meghanebk
    Meghanebk Posts: 321 Member
    elphie754 wrote: »
    I apparently struck a nerve with some people with this question. Kind of sorry I asked.

    Don't worry! We obviously love to talk about different ways we do things. Gives us something more to do on the site than just track what we eat!
  • Evamutt
    Evamutt Posts: 2,465 Member
    My husband and I share everything. Nothing is “mine” and nothing is “his.” It’s weird to me people care about something like that.

    While we do share my home cooking to eat, there are other things we don't. My husband, who loves food doesn't like my low fat foods. He eats foods he likes but ends up eating mine if his runs out or will eat mine then say it tastes awful, like my egg beaters (he loves eggs) or fat free cheese(he loves real cheese & I always have some for him) Also I buy some things to keep in freezer for those in between cooking days. In the past, whatever it was, he ended up eating all of most of it, even when we had plenty ready made food in fridge, then he'll say he's tired of it & doesn't want any more. Well, I'd be tired of it too if I ate say a frozen teriyaki bowl every day or twice a day till it's gone while we had a bunch of home cooked food around. I always ask him if I should buy some for him too, he says no so with it costing more than full fat foods, I don't
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    ^ same on the eats the stuff I bought for myself then complains about it. Well...
  • mygrl4meee
    mygrl4meee Posts: 943 Member
    I never seen a thing.. I hide food in my bedroom to keep my son out.. i can see him taking a ax to it and not knowing how it broke! haha
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,626 Member
    no because my son doesnt eat what i tell him not to eat and my fiance isnt interested in my snacks.
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    ginababin wrote: »
    Mine has this habit of eating all my *kitten* one night

    Not a problem in my book


    Oh my :D
  • jasummers76
    jasummers76 Posts: 225 Member
    When I first started showing signs of Bipolar a long time ago I was put on meds that made me crave carbs. I use to eat all the kids snacks for school. Being depressed with carb obsession put my wife through hell. She ended up having to hide the kids treats for awhile.
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,985 Member
    @elphie754, don't regret the question. It was a good one.

    As I know, from your previous posts, a little about you, I would think having a safe place to keep foods that are particular to you, and your needs, is a good idea.

    Whether that is in your undies drawer, like me and my toffee, or on a locked box in the kitchen is up to you and your partners to decide.

    (Don't tell them if you decide to stash in your undies drawer- they will ransack it and all your nicely folded knickers will end up on a big confused mess :))

    Cheers, h.

    If my husband were ever to hide something from me, his underwear drawer is the first place I'd look.

    Luckily, I don't have this problem at home, but the work fridge is another issue entirely.
  • leggup
    leggup Posts: 2,942 Member
    If I was on a tight budget and there were treats and I wanted some, I would talk to my husband about how I wanted to split them with him and ask him not to eat mine. It would be really selfish for him to eat them all if we couldn't afford to replace them.
  • MegaMooseEsq
    MegaMooseEsq Posts: 3,118 Member
    I don't think it's odd at all to have standing agreements with your spouse(s) about which food is off-limits and which isn't, or even to have designated areas if there are issues with remembering whose is whose. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning - coffee with milk and sugar, and two string cheeses. My spouse will snack on the string cheese but only if there's enough left for me to get through the week. Same with the stuff I pack for my lunches. I like to know what I've got on hand and not be surprised when I go to pack my lunch and he's eaten all the __ the night before. If he was eating a predictable amount of whatever I suppose we'd just buy more, but his eating habits are far less routine than mine at this point. He's happy to snack on just about anything.

    To be honest, the idea of sharing absolutely everything with a spouse is more alien to me than the opposite, but everyone is different and I've got no need to judge what's working for someone else. Unless you're one of those people who leave the bathroom door open. Then I'm absolutely judging you. ;)
  • ahoy_m8
    ahoy_m8 Posts: 3,053 Member
    Hi, elphie. A combination of (1) serious food allergies that limit what you can eat, (2) labels that aren't always observed and (3) a tight budget make the food locker a really creative idea.
  • coolfry
    coolfry Posts: 48 Member
    I have small totes for snacks. Mine in one his in another. Makes grabbing food for meal prep super easy and I get to keep my mini reeses hidden under fruit cups and he knows which stuff to grab at 4am.
  • mph323
    mph323 Posts: 3,565 Member
    Ha, neither my husband nor I deliberately eat food one or the other of us has designated "mine!" for whatever reason, but we suck at communicating. Sometimes I'll be thinking all day about some leftovers I plan on having for dinner only to find he's eaten them for lunch because I never mentioned my intentions. Or like this weekend, when someone gave us a precious box of bakery gf biscotti which I intended to save for Thanksgiving. I told him this very clearly in my head. Unfortunately I forgot to say it out loud...
  • mitch16
    mitch16 Posts: 2,113 Member
    I know that you have a non-traditional living arrangement, but I seem to remember that you have "family meetings" fairly often? Have you surfaced your concerns with your SOs? Rather than jumping straight to locking up your food--have you considered separate bins for each of you and rationing the snacks? That's what my mom used to do for me and my siblings when we were ravenous teenagers... Never mind that my brother would eat an entire bag of candy bars--if I ate the last one I was accused of "eating them all."