Coming home from work is the worst...

Breakfast calories.....perfect

Lunch calories......awesome


Snacks.....never feel the urge to eat anything before bed

I am tired of losing will power on the way home to work and while I am making supper for my family. If I can find the strength during that block of time, the scale would be actually moving down and I would not feel like such a loser for not having better self control.

Is dinner time tricky for you?


  • aubyshortcake
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    Yes, I do great in the early parts of the day but when I get home from work as soon as I start eating my appetite decides I need massive portions, or if I don't have massive portions I'll end up going for the snacks afterwards.

    I'm a server in a restaurant so I'm constantly moving at work but still, not enough to allow this amount of food to keep me in a deficit.
  • lemurcat12
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    I usually have a plan for dinner (in my head, not normally anywhere else) and prepare it, and may modify based on the calories I want. I'm not sure why dinner is hard -- are you snacking while preparing dinner, deciding to prepare high calorie foods, or having issues with portion control? The solution might depend on what specifically is the issue.
  • Jtucker970
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    Hi Jen, ...coming home from teaching all day is hard...3-4:30 is my toooo hungry time!
  • ggeise14
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    Agree with lemurcat12 about trying to trouble shoot. Seems like OP was looking for what works for others. It's just DH & I at home now so we have a more limited menu but when we had our oldest still living with us we tried leaving the main course, etc on the counter so we had to get up to get more. Veggies were on the table. If it's during meal prep that throws you off, try committing one day at a time to not snack or have some fresh cut up veggies handy until you can leave them in the refrig until it's time to eat. Baby steps and you can get there.
  • MichelleLaree13
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    I have an extremely weak point that normally stretches from 2 pm to 6 pm. I dont know why but I am guessing it has something to do with not eating enough for lunch. Are your calories too minimal for the beginning of the day?
  • WhereIsPJSoles
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    You’re not alone, I’m usually pretty hungry at dinner time too. I love having things like spaghetti squash because you can get a large amount for few calories. Packing more veggies in whatever you’re having is a great way to feel more full without overdoing it.
  • corinasue1143
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    I am so glad , you all have strength and will power , good for you guys. I shouldn't have posted this post . Now I feel beyond stupid.

    Not stupid at all. Just a problem for you. Find a solution for you. Try eating a bigger breakfast for one week. Try eating a bigger lunch for one week. Try a large snack in the afternoon for one week. Try having dinner already prepared when you get home, just need to heat it up for one week. Hopefully something will work.
    Oh, and try having a snack on the way home from work.
  • nowine4me
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    I started using my breakfast calories for a mini-meal at 4 hold me over til dinner. I supposed that could be considered IF. Regardless, it’s helped.