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When is your favorite time to work out?



  • NovaSur
    NovaSur Posts: 44 Member
    7:15 am. After i get off work. (10 pm-6:45 am). Easy to get it done since i am already out and about then i can be in bed by 9 am..
  • TimothyFish
    TimothyFish Posts: 4,925 Member
    I enjoy riding a bicycle at night, especially in the light of a full moon. But it is more dangerous, so I don't do it much.
  • Motorsheen
    Motorsheen Posts: 20,508 Member
    I enjoy riding a bicycle at night, especially in the light of a full moon. But it is more dangerous, so I don't do it much.

    you know what? I think riding at night is actually safer then during the day.

    that is, if you know your route and it's already relatively safe.

    I have a 30 mile loop on well maintained roads and I know every crack in the pavement.

    at night, I can light myself (or my bike) up like a Christmas tree and I am far more visible to motorists than if I'm blending in with the scenery during the day.

    the biggest danger while cycling, day or night, are the *kitten* texting when they should have their eyes on the road.
  • 796fra
    796fra Posts: 45 Member
    Gym at 530am. Hiking at 430pm. Per work schedule dictates.
  • lulalacroix
    lulalacroix Posts: 1,082 Member
    I like to run at night because it's cooler out and there's less people.
  • Manz78
    Manz78 Posts: 2 Member
    I have started working out between 3.30-5am as my days are so busy between work, kids and everything else that us Mums have to juggle!!!
  • tlpina82
    tlpina82 Posts: 229 Member
    Early Morning is the best time for me. Afternoon is always a problem for me because i lose control of my schedule.

    I leave the house at 4:30 and run to the gym for about 1 hour.
    Then do weights and HIIT until about 7:45am.
    Then shower and work.
  • Tacklewasher
    Tacklewasher Posts: 7,122 Member
    Y opens at 5:30 am and I'm one of about a dozen people waiting for the doors to open. Then back home, shower and off to work for 7. I love living in a small city with short commutes.
  • manicrose84
    manicrose84 Posts: 4 Member
    I prefer to workout in the morning. Get it out of the way and then have the rest of the day to do other things. Also my gym is either very quiet in the morning or it is an older crowd. If I go in the evening it’s really busy and tends to be a very young crowd (and I feel a bit out of place!).
  • KailaLaFlor
    KailaLaFlor Posts: 20 Member
    I like the 'mood' of working out at night.
  • tequila5000
    tequila5000 Posts: 128 Member
    I prefer to do my exercise in the morning. Finish it by 7am M-F. Then it s done, no matter what else ones up during the day.
  • Mandygring
    Mandygring Posts: 704 Member
    I may need to change things up a bit since people are starting to flock to the gym. I know after new years everyone seems to be waiting for equipment
  • Noreenmarie1234
    Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 7,492 Member
    It’s currently 4am here and I have the gym to myself.

    I LOVE IT!

    Awesome, what time do you go to bed?
    796fra wrote: »
    Gym at 530am. Hiking at 430pm. Per work schedule dictates.

    WOW you guys are awesome, I wish I had your motivation. How early do you go to bed to have energy to wake up so early?
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,473 Member
    out the door for 4am for my first dose!
  • kbivins1031
    kbivins1031 Posts: 4 Member
    3am-4am on weekdays.
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    5:00 a.m. Monday -Friday.
  • Kadoober
    Kadoober Posts: 289 Member
    I like to go in the morning before work. My Y is two miles from home and less than one mile from my office, so I am at the gym no later than 6:30 and out by 7:50 to start work at 8. I occasionally go after work, but I have a very easy time talking myself out of it after working all day, the morning is easier and more enjoyable for me by far.
  • ecjim
    ecjim Posts: 1,001 Member
    Sometime after work 6-7 P sometimes in the afternoon- it depends - I have a weight room at home so its easy to get in a quick workout if time is tight - Eastcoast Jim
  • Luxduca
    Luxduca Posts: 979 Member
    I try in the morning around 5am but I don’t get good pumps so I usually stick around lunch time. At least i have some meals in me.
  • mamadon
    mamadon Posts: 1,422 Member