Fat, protein and carb % for six pack



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    I'm 42 and never had abs my whole life until 3 months ago. Not to take away from all the great advice given and all the complicated work out routines, but for me it was super simple. I cut out all dairy, meat, and processed foods and had abs within 2 months and never done a sit-up or crunch a day in my life. twcducuh383v.jpg

    Ahh wow that’s reassuring to know as I too am vegan and I do have abs now there just not as “bulky” as I would like them to be.
    What lifting and workout plan do you do I would love to know.
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    A typical powerlifting program trains squat, bench, deadlift once per week. Once...per...week.
    No. Strength would nevery progress if this was the case unless it was a rank newb lifter when it comes to powerlifting. Even then there wouldn't be enough muscle stimulas to last long. Training a lift once week would actually detrain a powerlifter.

    A typical powerlifting program(intermediate at all lifts) would have you squatting 3x, bench 2-3x, dead 1-2x per week.

    Not true for wendler 5/3/1. Unless you think its a strength program and not for powerlifting.
    The core program trains every lift once a week, and with variations you could add one more day of lighter load higher volume assistance work.
    Imo, your comment would be apt if you replaced 'never progress' with 'progress suboptimally'.

    "Training a lift once week would actually detrain a powerlifter" - non anecdotal evidence please. Im completely open to it.