How can I lose weight without dieting

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week and do weight training and some cardio so I am losing weight but how can I lose it faster without restricting my calories?


  • jsminer827
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    I only know three ways to lose weight... eat less, move more, or do a combo of the two. If eating less isn't on the agenda, go to the gym more - weight training and cardio are the ticket.
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    Maximum weight loss rate drops as you lose weight. Maybe you can't lose faster at this point. What's your height and weight, and how fast are you losing? What do you mean by restricting calories? You can lose weight without dieting (consciously eating less with the purpose of losing weight), but to lose weight, you have to eat less than your TDEE, even if you don't do it consciously and deliberately. If you increase your TDEE and eat the same amount of calories, you could lose faster, provided you aren't already at maximum speed already, but if you don't intend to restrict calorie intake, you can end up eating more to compensate for the increased activity.

    If you can elaborate some on what you are after, maybe you can get better answers. Generally, I think it's most effective to make diet the priority for weight loss, and exercise for fun and good health.
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    Without knowing what your current status and goals are it's hard to give any kind of meaningful advice.

    That being said, why don't you want to restrict/control for calories?
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    sssgilbe wrote: »
    Perhaps you're thinking of dieting as a list of forbidden foods, weird supplements and crazy cleanses. Try thinking instead of being in control of and accountable for your food choices.

    Good advice.
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    mike_bold wrote: »
    I can't believe no one has recommended amputation for immediate weight loss.

    I'm a problem solver.

    Ha! I actually had that in my answer but thought that like most MFP users the OP meant fat when they said weight. So I only included ways to lose fat without dieting.
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    Instead of dieting maybe try adding more vegetables to every meal? Try cutting out processed foods and eat more whole natural foods.