Silly Life Goals (or Not)

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Oooooookay, so I have had enough of the "tall women please me, but only when they're in heels, but they can't be too short cause' ain't no one got time for those high maintenance shorties" threads. (And if you can't tell that was me being sassy, I am sorry you do not understand text humor, but it's just me having a bit o' fun). :smirk:

Soooooo, let's talk about silly things you want in life (or serious goals outside of health/fitness) you might have.

Ex. - One day, I want my entire closet to be full of knitted and handcrafted items. I want to eventually own nothing but handmade or altered items. May not be feasible, but we'll see.


What goals do you have that others might think are weird, silly or not for them?


  • KosmosKitten
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    I want to date a girl who is taller than me
    I want to be taller in heels

    :D You went there.
  • JaydedMiss
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    i at work i decided tis my life goal to have a dairy queen icecream cake atleast once again in my life. Havent had in years. I even got greedy and decided im not going to have only 1 piece...because you only ever get 1 tiny piece of a DQ cake because everyone wants it, But im going to have TWO pieces. Aw helll yeah
  • elizarizo
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    I’d like to dunk on shaq
  • KosmosKitten
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    I want a yarn stash so large it takes up more rooms than the world's first super computer.
  • KosmosKitten
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    I'd like to buy a Island that nobody knows of and move there. I would grow my own food so it wouldn't be sprayed with chemicals, I would make my own rules so I don't have to be a sheep and believe everything the government and the "news" tells me about what I should and shouldn't do and that would make me save my tax dollars and then I would live happily ever after.

    Northern clime or tropical?
  • Vikka_V
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    I'd like to be "free".
    I want to come to the point where I can easily leave behind or better yet have no belongings. I want to have no debt and no "stuff" (maybe just a car, but to have no attachment to it If I decide to go to the other side of the world spontaneously), and do what I feel like everyday.
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    I so love anything home made!
  • Versicolour
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    Also want to be a wizard.

    This can happen. How insane are you willing to become? PM for wizard details.

    I'm already insane! How close am I?

    Also I want to find someone I can grow old with...Yeah, absolutely ridiculous!