How Chritmas day went

I was an ardent fan of just enjoy eat and be merry until the day arrived and i just couldnt let go, up at 610am to walk the dog , breakfast i was promised eggs beans and mushrooms with toast so i had plenty of calories coming my way.logged all this including my coffee . Started to nibble the odd xmas choclate then the big lunch came, plenty of good veggies loaded it up, chicken and stuffing, again i logged including the alcohol inbetween and i was doing quite well up until around 5pm after my daily walk i think id used up my 2000 daily allowance, then my kids came to see me , more party food nibbles cake and wine and id say another 2000 calories went in.

Thats roughly how my day went, could have been better and could have been worse, i stopped tracking at 5pm and think i over indulged a bit but not too excessive!

Share how the day went for you , i feel guilty but it was nice to indulge in some party food.Now its time to be good again.


  • Blythmag
    Blythmag Posts: 252 Member
    I didn’t log, I estimate I ate about 1200 over my deficit amount. No regrets and really not too bad considering my stocking was all sorts of specialty chocolates!

    Must admit the choccies i couldnt resist
  • Jadu786
    Jadu786 Posts: 141 Member
    I logged and was over the past four days and had some baked chips at night tonight ... but gonna go workout in the morning and I’m not gonna let anything get me down this week!
  • jelly_potato
    jelly_potato Posts: 77 Member
    Surprisingly I was only about +- 200kcal over my maintenance limit. I managed to enjoy a lovely Christmas lunch (instead of dinner, in order to match my grandfather's medicine schedule) and even wiggled in some afternoon coffee with sweets. I enjoyed myself but didn't overdo it and as a result I somehow enjoyed the holiday a little more than I did before.
  • samthepanda
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    Like most, bit over but not too bad. Weetabix and wholemeal toast for brekkie (about 11am!). I'm veggie so Christmas dinner for me was roast potatoes, roast veggies, mash and gravy, mince pie and custard for dessert. I opened Pringles later but managed to eat less than half the pack! 2 glasses of wine. We are staying at mother in laws and she doesn't have much chocolate in. We had been given some chocs as a gift but they were in the room son was sleeping in - probably a good thing as I could have polished them off pretty quickly! Got out for a short walk too, just 1.5 miles but better than nothing and I feel rubbish if I don't get outside at all.
  • Blythmag
    Blythmag Posts: 252 Member
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    The two walks i did which normally on xmas day i wouldnt have done made a big difference to my mind, my fiancee also loaded up my plate with veggies and i only ate half of the yorkshire pudding, little adjustments that make a difference.

    Oh and i had no beer, vodka and wine only.again little adjustments
  • Machka9
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    Waffles with cream and cherries for breakfast.
    5 km run
    Huge Christmas dinner.

    Did not log.
  • nowine4me
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    I logged and was about 500 over maintenance on Christmas Eve (wine) and right at maintenance o X-mas day — that also accounts for a 10-mile walk both days.
  • lucerorojo
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    I estimated and logged and about 1000-1200 calories over maintenance on Xmas Eve at a relatives house. On track with 500 Cal deficit on the other days. I don't care if I don't lose this week but I do not want to gain. Holidays are NOT about the food to me, but memorable activities with family and friends and the spirituality of the season. So I don't want to overindulge--for me that's not the point not is it enjoyable.
  • JeromeBarry1
    JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,182 Member
    My Christmas day went ok. I had a big breakfast and spent most of the morning cooking. I logged 3 hours of exercise for cooking. Then I had lunch and spent a big chunk of the afternoon exercising. I may have claimed overmuch calories on the cooking exercise, but I also suspect I under-claimed calories on the exercise, so I'm reasonably confident that logging a green day is true. I didn't have any food after about 3 p.m.
  • sofchak
    sofchak Posts: 862 Member
    ... probably went over since this was a sloppy estimate at best for the smoked meats, but I did try to keep track. I ate so much bacon, ham and kielbasa... all the proteins!!! Just glad there wasn’t a cheese platter or that intake number would have surely doubled.

  • AMC110
    AMC110 Posts: 188 Member
    I usually set my calories to lose 2 lbs a week but I was aiming for maintenance yesterday and logged using estimates. I went over maintenance by about 400 calories which I'm ok with as even if I underestimated the calories I should still be able to lose 1 lb over the week, or at least not gain anything!
  • bogwoppt1
    bogwoppt1 Posts: 159 Member
    Did a 10k snowshoe, logged it and decided I would not bother logging the day. That was a nice big burn. Ate what I wanted, but did not go crazy. I do have a chocolate mountain staring at me though, that will be tricky.
  • EllieElla2015
    EllieElla2015 Posts: 67 Member
    Didn’t eat too bad since we went out for Christmas dinner!
    My mom and I shared:
    A pumpkin soup
    Steamed lobster (with butter :smile:)
    Filet mignon
    Lemon tarte

    And I had a lot of mashed potatoes and some creamed kale. And fries! No alcohol, since my parents aren’t found of me drinking in front of them lol so that saves some calories!

    Then before that I had an omelette with cheese and crackers but nothing too outrageous in terms of quantity. I wasn’t logging, and while I don’t think I ate at under maintenance, I think I controlled my eating better than other holidays and the best part is I didn’t even feel like I was restricting- I just stopped when I felt satisfied which turned out to be a normal amount (which doesn’t happen to me lol! Usually I go crazy on events and holidays!) so I’m happy :-)
  • cjv73
    cjv73 Posts: 240 Member
    Definitely under maintenance, I actually only went 103 over my daily goal. And I ate very well also, I just made sure to bring along several foods to the dinner that I could enjoy without putting me way over budget (nice tossed salad, Brussels sprouts with bacon and garlic, keto mini cheesecakes, diet Pepsi for my rum-and-coke, etc.) Then I just stayed away from the mashed potatoes and gravy, and the breads, and just filled up on meat and veggies. Didn't feel like I was missing out on anything at all! Had cottage cheese with berries for breakfast and sausage and eggs for lunch, so I definitely didn't suffer yesterday. :)
  • emcclure013
    emcclure013 Posts: 231 Member
    I didn't log. Christmas day I had a huge breakfast, skipped lunch, and had a moderate dinner so probably not too bad on that front. My issue was the sweets. Everyone and their mother gave us Christmas cookies this year, so the feeling of, "it's a holiday - I can do what I want!" plus PMS made for a bit of a disaster as far as my chocolate consumption went, but in all fairness it could've been worse!

    Back to logging diligently today!
  • kpk54
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    I entered my cheesecake recipe into the recipe builder and found it to have 606 calories per slice so entered it into my food diary for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the basically forgot about logging anything else. :)