How Chritmas day went



  • Cbean08
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    I'm not a holiday food person at all. And, I'm usually so busy trying to catch up with family that I don't eat much.

    breakfast- quest bar, apple
    5 mile run in the snow!!
    1 beer
    about 4 oz prime rib
    1 baby roast potato
    about 2 tbsp cranberry sauce
    5 green beans
    1 bite of cherry pie

    And that was it for the day.
  • lucerorojo
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    I love pannetone! Will have to get one this week.
  • Blythmag
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    filbo132 wrote: »
    I gained 5 lbs in 2 days and couldn't care less. People who are afraid of the scale don't understand the concept of water weight which is why they avoid looking at it. But in the grand scheme of things, it's only a small blip in the radar if you go back to your regular diet. You can't get skinny overnight...well the samething applies when it comes to getting fat.

    yes i understand, i just think that after so much decrease in my weight i just didnt want to see a dramatic upturn.

    gonna weigh in later this morning
  • Fitnessmom82
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    Christmas Eve I did well, didn't go over my calorie goal. Really planned and was thoughtful about my food. I decided not to bother logging on Christmas day, but I would guess I took in about 2000-2500 calories. A far stretch from my 1200 calories per day, but really not terrible. I did feel awful today, after having more sodium than I normally do, but the scale didn't budge so I'm calling it a win! Gotta get rid of these leftover though. I kept a bunch for the kids to munch on but I'm sitting here with cheese, crackers and wine-destroying my goal for today. Confirms that I don't have the willpower just yet! Overall, I think it went much better than I thought it would!
  • SmeagolsBane
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    My day went actually really well. I knew I didn’t want to cut back for dinner since that’s the biggest part of the day for my family. I tracked all of my food and actually added some recipes. It was tough for the last couple of hours of my day but oddly enough it was my second lowest calorie intake of the week.
  • whosshe
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    I didn't log. 3 days of turkey dinners and desserts and I woke up this morning 0.2lbs lighter than 3 days ago. Not even any water weight, I was amazed. It's now that I'm worried about. I'm currently snacking on a bag of pretzels because I'm still hungover. Meh, I'll be back at it tomorrow.
  • pamfgil
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    Day went ok, logged almost everything, couldn't weigh so had to guesstimate, but I think I'm not exceeding maintenance, so good enough
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, than my daughters birthday the next day.
    I am so over food. :(

    Tonight I had steamed vegetables for dinner,
    HOORAY!!!! :DB)
  • memickee
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    Developed stomach flu. Didn't even eat at maintenance.
  • Blythmag
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    well i bring good news, ive weighed in 1.5lbs lighter than yesterday, so as i was told, don't panic relax its not fat.

    my see the light moment, getting back on track :):)
  • JennJ323
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    We had Chinese food for dinner Christmas Eve, while I didn't go crazy, I know the sodium is a killer! Christmas morning we made a nice breakfast, no lunch and then for dinner my family just does a pot luck of appetizers/finger foods. We were hosting this year so I was very busy all day prepping and playing host. I never actually made a plate of food, just picked at things throughout the day. I didn't log anything after breakfast, and I decided a while back to take a break from the scale, so I'm not sure what the damage is.. I'll weigh in next week after my body has had some time to get back to normal. It was all worth it though :)