Goals for 2018?

Hi all, what are your goals for 2018?!

I wanna get back down to lowest weight and train hard af and get my numbers higher!


  • EllieElla2015
    EllieElla2015 Posts: 67 Member
    I just want to go to my work out class (Orange Theory- and my only true form of exercise) 5 times a month lol. It’s a small goal for most but a big one for me since I quit almost all my work out classes and never go to the gym despite having one in my apartment building!
  • ZRunner5Lulaica
    ZRunner5Lulaica Posts: 168 Member
    I want to heavily focus on getting to my goal weight (130 lbs, need to lose around 33 lbs).

    NSV are getting back to being able to run 5+ miles, build healthy habits for pre-pregnancy, increase my strength and flexibility.
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    I'm going to branch out into new fun ways to work out. Gonna get me some splits first, and handstands, looking around for some adult gymnastics to do tumbling and junk.
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,968 Member
    Ski accent of Mount Rainier.
  • fitoverfortymom
    fitoverfortymom Posts: 3,452 Member
    Improve my 10k time and finish in the top 5 of my age group. Run a trail race.
  • leeanneedith
    leeanneedith Posts: 13 Member
    edited December 2017
    I want to start sparring. I also want to lose 20lbs, with the hopes that less body fat will make plyometrics a little easier ...
  • CaraMerced
    CaraMerced Posts: 50 Member
    Lose my last 30 pounds ( lost 114 this year). Get stronger, leaner and look HOT in a bikini.
  • dfein001
    dfein001 Posts: 133 Member
    By the end of next year, I plan to be at the NHI recommended weight. Most of my plans are financial though- emergency fund will be fully funded and investing will begin.
  • evilpoptart63
    evilpoptart63 Posts: 397 Member
    My resolutions are to 1.) Lose 7lbs of body fat, 2.) Gain 8lbs of muscle, 3.) Hit "advanced" in strength standards for all the main lifts. 4.) Run 3 miles in less than 35mins. 5.) Carve an easily visable 4-pack :)
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,174 Member
    To my dismay.. i saw that i've posted over 2000 times on this site.. as i do like the interaction. But, during all this time.. i've never reached my fitness goal. It has been the 15 pound bounce. i am so tired of that..
    So, 2018....the time has come...to get it DONE. Just finished my grocery shopping...and spent the day reflecting on the plan i'll follow with total commitment.
  • bullseyeguy82
    bullseyeguy82 Posts: 5 Member
    Would love to do a tough mudder
  • tonyacioni
    tonyacioni Posts: 54 Member
    Husband and I are gearing up to start January 1st as we are traveling and think it would be too difficult to start on the road. We both want to loose about 60 pounds. If we loose a pound a week we should be nearing our goal weight by this time next year.
  • stacerracer
    stacerracer Posts: 77 Member
    I will reach my goal weight!!!! 16lbs to go!!! 69 down! Then what? Idk run... I am not a runner. Maybe 2018 is the year to change that!!!
  • Urbancowbarn
    Urbancowbarn Posts: 97 Member
    I want to lose 6 pounds of body fat to hit my goal weight of 139 without losing muscles. I’ve lost 23lbs over 18 months mostly through mindful eating, calorie deficit, hiking, and barre classes. Sprained my lumbar in November and then just when that was getting better I sprained my ankle two weeks ago. Uggh. So I’ve suspended my barre membership for January—so frustrating since the whole point was to stay active through the dark, dreary winter. Looks like I’ll have to be super careful of what I eat until February. Send me good luck vibes!
  • ZRunner5Lulaica
    ZRunner5Lulaica Posts: 168 Member
    Would love to do a tough mudder

    This is an awesome goal. My bestie and I have casually discussed doing a mud run together, bit first I have to get into shape.
  • OldHobo
    OldHobo Posts: 647 Member
    Grow 14 inches or lose 72 pounds to reach healthy weight.
  • gkingbr
    gkingbr Posts: 292 Member
    drop 100 lbs and complete the 28 mile bike trail in 1 go. My max is a little over 13 miles with a couple stops right now.