Starting Over...Again

Im looking to start over again. I had logged for about 8 months (under a different account) and managed to lose about 25 lbs. I went from 204 down to 180. Then I got stuck at 180 and from there slowly got discouraged. Now Im back up to 201 lbs and miserable. I don't want to be like this, but this is always what happens; I lose some, stop losing, try to work through it for a bit, nothing happens, then I quit. I don't want to be a quitter anymore.

So I'm taking charge again, but Ill need some friends for support.

Feel free to add me!


  • ceecee3113
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    I am in the exact same situation! Feel free to add me!
  • sarajenivieve
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    you hit a plateau its common, you will hit plateaus when that happens you have to drastically change your routine almost like a long term cycle. another note generally if you have a lot to lose you will lose rapidly at first but and Idk how to word this so if it comes off rude i am sorry, as you reach healthier ranges it will become harder to lose but take it as a compliment from your body that you reached the beginning zone. So plateau, change routine, when you hit the next plateau 3-6 months later change up again
  • sarajenivieve
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    I too am starting over....for don't even know what time!! so sad, disappointing...but I am getting older and have to try to be healthier. Question about the you adjust or just go with the defaults?? What are your suggestions? Any and ALL help appreciated!!

    Leave its set to a standard ratio you can add me if you want more help
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    Yep me too, Starting over. I was on a healthy eating plan through my doctor for a year to lose weight for knee replacement. That was about 18 months ago and my health took a spiral down for the past year and a half. Eye surgeries, several hard falls, and my brother passed this Summer. I just gave up even trying to stay on top of eating healthy and gained back the weight I had lost (18 lbs)and more. I am at my heaviest in 20 years. I need to get healthy because I am a caregiver for others in my family and I cant even help myself! I am totally ready to make this commitment!
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    I'm starting over as well. I lost 10 lbs last year, but gained all of it back when the year caught up to me. But I'm getting back on track since I would like to lose the weight I need to before hubby and I start getting serious about starting a family.
  • Wow ssrobin50 I also am starting over. I too lost 30 lbs, kept it off almost two years. Just recently began to gain it back and revert back to old habits. I am now cutting sugar from my diet and getting myself back on track. We're all in this together. The struggle is real!
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    Hi I am in that boat with u we have a new beginning today lets turn this around, we all know we can do this because we have done it before! We can learn from our previous falls and not repeat them I saw a good quote over Xmas "don't waste today worrying about yesterday". Good luck
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    I am right there with you, I was at 216, went down to 168 and back up to 216. Today I am at 185 but I dont think I will ever re-gain. Its too much work to get it off to start over again. I think of all the hard work and it keeps me going. I will continue to lose but at a slower pace. Its truly calories in vs calories out and only I can control that.
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    I'm starting over again too! I was kicking butt last year until life got hard then I turned to food to cope (which is my usual m.o.). Here's to a new year! Let's make this year our best yet!
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    Same here! Hoping this go around works better!
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    I'm starting over too. I hope it's okay that I add you all. We've done it before, we can do it again!
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    I'm starting over again, too! When I started, I weighed nearly 300 pounds but had lost down to 236 before I discovered MyFitnessPal. I got down to 177 last year and am back up to 213 this morning. Ugh!!! I work out regularly...that's the easy part. Food is definitely the hard part for me. My body is strong but there's WAY to much of it. I guess misery really does love company because it feels great to see that I'm not alone.

    For me the working out is the hard part. Finding time before work or after is the biggest issue, that and I can't seem to get myself motivated as much as I try. I once did half of the Bikkni Body Mommy challenge and made it 45 days before I got super sick with double ear infection, upper respiratory and a sinus infection that took me a few weeks to recover from. By the time I was better I had lost all motivation. I have my meals set for the week, so hoping that makes everything easier.