Has logging affected your social life?

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I have been logging for a week now and have turned down two social eating events this week because the prospect of not knowing what is being put in the food bothers me.

Am I the only one to turn down social eating events to avoid the hassle of not being able to log accurately?


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    My first social event this year was brunch with a friend today. I looked up the menu in advance and calorie-logged (best guess) to help me decide what to order. It really helped me stick to it when I had to make a game time decision (looking up hollandaise sauce in advance really steers you away from wanting to spend so many calories on just those few bites!)

    I'm traveling for work this upcoming week, so airport food and hotel/restaurant food for a week will be a struggle, but no time like the present to start making good decisions!
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    The forests are much smaller, but lumberjacks don't like sharing thier pancakes anyways.
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    For reals though, nah. I just try to keep track as much as possible so I can log when I get back home.
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    No, I don't skip anything.

    If possible I look up menus before and have an idea what I want and what is a reasonable meal. Or I may eat at maintance for a day so I can have a margarita.

    Or- last Saturday my friends and I went to this awesome restaurant that I love to celebrate Christmas and I said "*kitten* it" and ate all the things and had three drinks. I had a two day bump in weight before a new low. Just get right back into a routine the next day and drink plenty of water.

    Life is for living, living with people, laughing with people, and sometimes it's for overindulging. I didn't get fat in a day, one day won't ruin it.
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    It's a bad plan, IMO, to severely constrain your social life for calorie certainty reasons. The priorities are off.

    For 2 or 3 (or so) events in a week, estimating should be close enough. Don't lowball wishfully; make your honest best estimate. Make a fair estimate of quantities, snap a phone photo for later consideration if you can do it without looking like a fake hipster foodie jerk, use a similar restaurant entry from the MFP database, or deconstruct the ingredients and log those. Try to be fair, but don't obsess. Just make your best estimate, then go on with life.

    In the long run, it'll even out and work fine. I lost around a third of my body weight doing this periodically.

    We need friends! :)


    I "deconstruct the ingredients and log those" at places without calorie information.

    Sometimes if I'm on a tight calorie budget, this means choosing something on the menu that I know I can guess the ingredients to log when other choices might make that difficult.
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    My social life has not really changed. I was never eating out or eating other people's food every day though- just once a week. Also not a drinker so didn't change anything there.

    One meal or one day here and there where you are not 100% accurate in logging calories will not interfere with your weight loss if most days you are as accurate as you can be. Logging food isn't required to lose weight. It is just a helpful tool.

    Look up nutritional information for restaurants. If the restaurant does not provide information find similar dish from another place to log. If it is homemade food look up a recipe for the dish or ask the person who made it for their recipe.

    Take reasonable portions and use common sense. Very few things besides plain vegetables can you eat heaping plates of. Put more vegetables on your plate to bulk out your meal. Get a salad with your meal.
    Pay attention when you log and learn what portion sizes look like for various foods.
    Things that are fried, breaded, covered in sauces, contain lots of cheese or nuts, or are very sugary are probably higher calorie and you should eat smaller portions. Go easy on added condiments and dressings. Don't eat whole bowls of guacamole, hummus or other higher calorie dips. Watch portion sizes of rice, potatoes, pasta and bread.

    Take some food you feel comfortable eating with you to share to a party or dinner at someone's home. Invite people to your home.

    Watch the drink calories. You might want to choose lower calorie or no calorie drinks.

    Eat a bit lighter for your other meals that day or other days that week if you think an event will be quite a bit higher calorie than normal for you.
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    lauracups wrote: »
    I don't turn down going. But I have learned to keep my food choices to myself. Telling people you are choosing to eat different than you used to opens a HUGE can of worms. If someone really presses you on "why" you won't over indulge smile and say you're full. Leave it at that don't elaborate and enjoy people's company.

    Agreed. People like to say their opinions on what you are eating and I've found myself in debates before about it, which is ridiculous really when all I am doing is eating a bit healthier and sticking to a (not particularly low) calorie limit.
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    Well. I’m not as popular as you so don't have social events that often. So when I do I just go and don’t worry about.
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    I used to be so strict with calorie counting that some friends stopped inviting me to gatherings I always went to because I made it weird by not sharing in their birthday libations or their homemade quiche because it would put me over my calorie goal for the day. It almost ruined a good friendship.

    I do my best to track while I'm on my own, but I never let tracking keep me from enjoying the company of the people I care about.
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    I do the deconstruct and log, in general, but will miss some things depending. I also pad my calories with the days surrounding by going a little short if I need to, or do a little extra cardio. Booze is a problem though, I almost never want to spend my cals on it outside of exactly when I choose so it's worth it to me.
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    It used to, but I'm doing a lot better this time around. If I know an event is coming up that day I eat pretty light leading up and if I can plan ahead I do...if not then I set a mental expectation. If I haven't gone over calories in a week or so I might budget myself to net a couple hundred over maintenance. I've found by mentally giving myself that permission to say "okay...I have 900 calories to spend...I could get two hard ciders and that leaves me about 550....I could snack on something that is grilled or have veggies and probably stay pretty close and still enjoy" I don't get that feast or famine panic and then binge eat because I am so afraid of doing it wrong. Sometimes I will also push hard and do a longer/higher intense workout that burns more (like 450cals instead of 250) and I will tell myself that I've earned an extra X calories for the event. Mentally I'm finding that I make better choices when I have these expectations because it's planned, its accounted for and I'm really proud of the good work so I find that I'm not racking up 1000s of calories in one event anymore being more mindful (usually about 700-1000)