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Bye Bye Boobs...



  • shmatichka
    Hey Ill give up the top as long as the bottom goes with it!!!!!!!!

    Second that :)
  • LeanneGoingThin
    LeanneGoingThin Posts: 215 Member
    Maybe you have a pear figure?
  • MyJourney1960
    MyJourney1960 Posts: 1,133 Member
    i wish we could tell our body where to lose from and in what order

    I wish my big tummy would go bye bye

    I know that i am losing - my legs, my tush, the area ABOVE my boobs, my back and i believe i can see the beginnings of a waist. but my double chins and big tummy are.not.budging.
  • JennetteMac
    JennetteMac Posts: 763 Member
    i'm only a B cup so mine are non

    I started as a 36B and went to 34A. You should worry!
    A kind "friend" got me gel inserts for Secret Santa. :grumble:
  • AglaeaC
    AglaeaC Posts: 1,974 Member
    bewbies are great no matter the size
    Big or small, we like them all ....

    You are still them same hot woman, no matter if they are ddd's or an A ,,,,,,relax .....don't worry so much about it ....
    Thank you, that was a lovely comment!
  • laddyboy
    laddyboy Posts: 1,565 Member
    If you show me a few pictures maybe I could suggest something. LOL...Just Kidding...really...don't kill me or send me pics.

    Seriously...everyone loses differently. My wife would love to lose some boob weight because of the strain they are on her back.

    Personally I hate the loose skin I have but I look at it like this...would I rather have some loose skin of be fat again.

    You are all doing wonderful...Keep up the good work.
  • Imcharmed
    Imcharmed Posts: 346 Member
    I'd love to lose some off my boobs. Last times lost some weigh, it didn't go from them. This time, finger crossed it does.
  • skinnymalinkyscot
    skinnymalinkyscot Posts: 174 Member
    Cant wait for mine to vanish as theyre wasted on an older lady, If I show so much as a smidgeon of cleavage my kids are screaming cover them up, Nobody wants to see an older big woman with wobbly bits, oh to be streamlined and elegant , I used to love hippy clothes but have had to stop wearing those fringed/tasselled skirts as I resembled a large portuguese man-o-war sailing by. Ditto the boobs, goodbye melons , cant wait for the bee stings.
  • PixieQueen25
    PixieQueen25 Posts: 118 Member
    When I lost the first tim I went from 36 C to a 34 B. But I gained all my weight back and my cup is still a B.. but my band is 38.

    I hope I don't lose my boobs too much again... when I start losing.
  • Lyadeia
    Lyadeia Posts: 4,603 Member
    Different people lose in different places. I never lost mine so had to have very expensive painful surgery instead - so at least you don't have that issue!

    Well, I never really had any to begin with and still lost the little bit that I had with weight I underwent surgery to correct my "petite" issue. :flowerforyou:

    If we could pick and choose how and where we lost body fat, I think I would have just shifted my hip and thigh fat northward into the boobage. :laugh:
  • Katrina_vw91
    Katrina_vw91 Posts: 232 Member
    This is a sad topic :(