Previous Smokers .... I just quit and I'm miserable - any SUCCESS Stories ?



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    I second reading Allen Carr's the Easy Way to Quit Smoking. It helped me quit cold turkey almost 10 years? Who knows I stopped counting! There is nothing to be miserable about. You've done it!!! You are smoke free!!! Don't feed the nicotine monster!!!
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    You're already 5 days in! You can do this! Keep strong. I'm pretty sure the irritability is normal, I turned into some psycho lunatic when I quit in 2012. It'll pass. It only gets easier from here on in.

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    Thank you Everyone for the Support! Much needed. Today is day 6 without cigarettes ! ... I am having an easy time not smoking in the mornings (surprising!) but after lunch I seem to be very irritable... I'm used to my scheduled smoke breaks so its been trying to break these habits...

    Someone lent me Allen Carr Easy way to quit smoking, So I'm hoping that will help ! At this point I don't care about weight gain - I just want to kick this ... Ive been chewing gum, using lollipop, drinking water, and trying to treat myself ... Tomorrow My hubby and I are going for a facial ! Going to work on the self care aspect for now.

    Cheers to all you NON SMOKERS ! Way to go on quitting, thanks for being my inspiration !
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    Chantix helped me. Smoke free since 2011.

    Mom and Dad tried that, and it just gave him a bad case of PTSD (made him relive his hardest days of serving our country, vivid flashbacks of ‘Nam).
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    Thank you Everyone for the Support! Much needed. Today is day 6 without cigarettes ! ... I am having an easy time not smoking in the mornings (surprising!) but after lunch I seem to be very irritable... I'm used to my scheduled smoke breaks so its been trying to break these habits...

    Someone lent me Allen Carr Easy way to quit smoking, So I'm hoping that will help ! At this point I don't care about weight gain - I just want to kick this ... Ive been chewing gum, using lollipop, drinking water, and trying to treat myself ... Tomorrow My hubby and I are going for a facial ! Going to work on the self care aspect for now.

    Cheers to all you NON SMOKERS ! Way to go on quitting, thanks for being my inspiration !

    Great job on quitting!!! Its one of the best things you can do for yourself! I have spent the last 5 years back and forth with quitting and have been smoke free this time around since August. The first week is the absolute hardest and then it begins getting easier. Distraction is key. Keep yourself busy and occupied so you don't think about it. Keep your "smoke" breaks, just do something else instead...a quick walk..a quick game on the phone... anything. One thing that helped me was keeping a list of why I wanted to quit close by and I looked at it often. Keep a positive attitude and remind yourself of all the positive of quitting when your brain wants to focus on the negative feelings. Its a fight, but you are stronger so stick with it. Congrats!

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    Try to avoid situations where you would usually smoke. I was a pack a day smoker and I quit right before a vacation. I was so busy on vacation and so taken out of my daily routine that it really wasn't too bad. Ok, maybe the wife and I got into an argument or 2 on that vacation because I was cranky, but it's been 21 years and I can't see myself going back.
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    I quit about five years ago, and I know how hard it is. You think you’ll feel this way forever, but I promise you it will dissipate. Once you’re on the other side, it’s so freeing. I had good luck using a quit smoking app that came with a craving timer, daily/weekly goals, etc. And I just had to power through activities where I’d normally have a cigarette: warming up the car, after meals. One day at a time. The withdrawal symptoms are finite. Good luck!!
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    WARNING: Long Post! I love talking about this!

    Cold turkey is the hardest way to go, but whatever way gets you to quit is the BEST way to go.

    I am 40. I started smoking at about 12, filching cigarettes from my grandmother's case during summer vacations. In middle school, I'd pay older kids to buy cigarettes for me (they were the "trashy" kids who had ways of getting stuff like that). When I got to high school, I stopped for a while, but by my senior year, I was smoking a pack a day.

    In college, I was smoking until I found out I was pregnant. I quit cold turkey (the hardest way) the entire time I was pregnant. However, at my first hard test the semester after I gave birth, a guy offered me a smoke, and I was back on that wagon, for 4 or 5 more years.

    I quit again after I graduated, this time choosing to wean myself - I'd have 10 smokes today, then 9 the next day, or 8 the following day... all this did was drag out the quitting process and it was actually the WORST way to do this! But, I was successful, and I was smoke-free for a few more years.

    Then, in 2004, I had some family issues and all I could think about was smoking. I got a box of the cheapest, nastiest smokes I could find, thinking that (because they were so nasty) I'd have a few and be done.

    Nope. Addiction doesn't work that way. I was hooked again within a week.

    In 2006, we went on a family vacation to Chimney Rock, NC, and we hiked to the bottom of a waterfall. The trail was a decline, but I had to stop to rest halfway down because of smoker's lungs. I couldn't hike DOWN a trail. God help me, getting back UP the trail was hell. I decided it was time to quit. And time to quit for good.

    I did a lot of research this time, and learned that quitting HEROIN is easier than quitting nicotine. I learned tips and tricks on how to handle quitting. I saw my doctor at the end of 2006 and she gave me a prescription for Zyban (or whatever it was called). It's an antidepressant that also helps people quit smoking. I was told to take it for a week before quitting, so I could build some up in my system. I planned out my quit so that it would happen on a Friday. I'm not a social creature, so the weekend would give me time to detox alone at home before going back to work. I flicked my cigarette out the window on the drive home from work (yeah, don't judge...) and never looked back. That was February 2, 2007. The weekend was hard. I desperately wanted a cigarette. I yearned for a smoke. But, because of the meds and my preparation, I was okay.

    It's been almost 11 years since that weekend. I've never had the urge to put a stick back in my mouth. Sure, sometimes when I walk by someone who is smoking, it smells really (really!) good and I take a good deep breath, but I remind myself the hell I've put myself through, how much healthier I am for it now, and to begin smoking again is to negate the past 5 years of running (including 11 half-marathons and countless 10ks and 5ks).

    I'm not a "non-smoker." I am a recovering addict. If I treat smoking the same way I would treat other drug addictions or alcoholism, I know that I can never "just have one" again. And I don't want one.

    Okay, so some tips and tricks?
    Have something to distract you - I was a Car Smoker. Automatic light up as soon as I got in the car. So, I put some Dum-Dum Pops in the place I used to carry my smokes. I would unwrap one as soon as I got in the car, and my eye would catch the little white stick hanging out of my mouth... like a cigarette. Sounds silly, but it worked.

    Use treatments to your advantage - I read a weird tip that if you mixed cream of tartar with orange juice, it would help detox you faster. I don't' know if it really did or not, or if it was just placebo effect, but I did it for 3 or 4 days, and I felt like it did help.

    Chart your progress - I don't remember where I found it (it's been 11 years), but I found a website that shows what is happening to your body 1 minute / 1 hour / 1 day / 1 week / 1 month / 1 year - all the way up to TEN YEARS - after you stop smoking. It was fun to put little check marks by the milestones.

    Reward yourself - For the first 2 months, I did something every week: I bought myself flowers. Back then, you could get a dozen roses from the Fresh Market (like Whole Foods) for $8. It was nice to come home to fresh flowers all the time. After the first 2 months, I did it every month. I remember about 4-5 months into this process, I came home and SMELLED THEM when I walked by! You don't realize what smoking does to you until the effects change. I had not been smelling these the whole time until I got my sense of smell back! After 6 months of doing this, I changed to every year, then did that for maybe 2 more years. Soon, it became a day to go out for dinner and celebrate. Last year (my 10th), I bought roses again (dude, they were $14!) and ran my 10th half marathon.

    Please know that you (or anyone else on here who has/will quit and needs a quit buddy) can DM me at ANY TIME. I'm not that sanctimonious person who tells you what to do; I'll be the person who you can *kitten* to about how hard it is and help you through the cravings.

    Whew! That was longer than I expected...

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    I quit three months ago.
    The first week is hard. After that, not so bad.

    Remember, even if you give in and smoke a cigarette, that is not the end. Don't throw in the towel over it. In fact, giving in once or twice will remind you how fr&cking horrible cigarettes are. You will feel sick and guilty and wish you hadn't and then the next time you are tempted, you will think twice. It may actually help in the long run.
    Pretty soon you will begin to notice how nasty they smell as a non smoker and you will notice how much better you feel. There are NO upsides to smoking. Not one.

    Good luck. But really, you don't need it. Persevere. =)
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    I went from a pack a day smoker to quitting cold turkey... it was the same day I was diagnosed with cancer. No one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does.
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    Holls, this is AWESOME!

    Well done, its a great decitions, stay strong and it will be better. I cannot count the numer I have stopped smoking. Ahem, and started again. Last time I stopped was May last year, and I feel strongly it was for good.

    The first two weeks felt impossible, unbearable. Over time it gor a bit easier, the periods I wasn't obsessing about smoking got longer. Today, I can sometime feel confused; have the feeling I lack something, that my hand is empty. Then I realize its the cigarette I don't hold. I get out my telephone instead, write an sms, that's enough.

    I spent approx 120€ a month on smoking, its insane! Today it's the amount I put aside on my budget for whatever I normally wouldn't make room for. An unreasonable pair of shoes, good books, stuff like that.

    Stay strong, and keep an eye on the ppositive concequences of quit smoking. The extra money for luxery things. Your skin getting cleaner, the breath fresher, not getting out of breat so easily. And of course the risk of cancer going down radically.
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    It has been said that it takes at least 21 days to break a habit. You are 1/3rd of the way there! You will smell better, feel better and be wealthier. Just fantasize that you are freaking out at people until, poof, the feeling passes and you are a more desirable version of your old self.
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    I quit about a month ago after smoking for 10 years. When I didn't have cigarettes on me I wasn't me. I knew I would be crazy emotional and not myself once I tried to quit and this scared me. I'm not much of a success story (yet) but I honestly don't think I'll touch another cigarette again. I switched to vaping nicotine.

    Nicotine itself isn't the thing that is harmful in cigarettes, it's all the *kitten* that comes with it. I might quit nicotine one day but right now I really don't see the point. Nicotine is on the same level as caffeine and I don't plan on giving that up either.
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    I quit cold turkey ten years ago. It's easier when you have a solid reason that makes you really WANT to quit, not because you know you should.

    Once I decided for myself, I didn't get the withdrawal side effects other than mild headaches for the first few days.
    The emotional aspect is your state of mind that you can control.
    Note, I was a few packs a day, 15 years!!
    Good luck and hang in there!
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    I smoked for 13years, apart from a little 2 week blip in the middle it’s been almost 5years as a nonsmoker for me now.
    What helped me was stopping the things that I associated with smoking, such as my morning coffee (changed it to tea) stopped drinking as much for the first month, had a chewing gum after food to help with the mouth feel.
    I just stopped tho and I found it quite easy tbh so it may have just been the right time for me. First 2 weeks are the hardest.
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    And put ur cigarette money in a clear jar so u can see it! The amount that gathers in a week should spare u on to keep going ha
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    took me a few times but I am free of the habit 18 years now and would not ever go back . I used the nicotine patch and chocolate ! It is not easy but such a good thing to do for your health . the first 2 weeks are hard after that it gets so much better You can do this
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    I quit 6 1/2 years ago and life is SO much better.......I remember having to switch planes between flights and just RAGING because I didn't have time to have a quick one and get through security again. Every once in a while I dream I buy a pack and have a few just because......then when I wake up I'm mad at myself because I have to quit again. I did it cold turkey, smoked for 25 years, pack a day can be done!!
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    I quit cold turkey too. It is hard, especially those first few days, but if you can push through, it does get easier!

    I have a friend who switched to vaping instead. It really worked for her. She reduced the nicotine strength gradually until she was on 0% nicotine. She found it easy to quit smoking this way and didn’t even miss it!
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    I smoked for over 20 years. I started vaping. I didn’t get the withdrawal from the cigarette. I’m still vaping but am on the lowest nicotine. I hope to quit eventually but for now I feel great! Maybe try that if u really can’t quit cold.
    Good luck!