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Can you eat pizza with a fork?



  • jbaillie4025
    jbaillie4025 Posts: 6 Member
    I prefer to eat my pizza with a fork. I hate getting food on my face, and I really hate seeing pizza sauce on someone else's face. And if the cheese stretches, it can gross on a first date. So yes go for the fork, unless there is not one provided.
  • Nicole15502017
    Nicole15502017 Posts: 122 Member
    Can you, yes....should you, no...
  • KosmosKitten
    KosmosKitten Posts: 10,476 Member
    cee134 wrote: »
    Not only does this method double the amount of pizza you can eat with one bite, it helps avoid the mess associated with an overloaded slice. The Fold Hold traps loose toppings, gooey cheese, and oozing sauce within the confines of the crust. It also obviates the need for a knife and fork.



    Pizza taco, yo.