Women over 50 (menopausal) success stories?



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    I turned 55 2 weeks ago.
    I started doing strict keto 95 days ago and so far have lost 22.8 pounds. My starting weight was 202.6 and todays weight is 179.8. My goal is 145.
    I track, measure and weigh everything. I eat up to 1200 calories a day and I'm never hungry.
    Before anyone barks at my calories there is school of thought that says that if you eat the calories for your goal weight then you are not fighting to stay at maintence, and actually your body has been their the whole time. I have in the past on other eating plans like WW, low fat etc. had a hard time adjusting calories down. Keto keeps me full and there is no adjusting.
    In the last month I have introduced 16/8 IF a couple of days a week on days that it feels right.
    I do not work out or do any exercise.
    I feel GREAT! .

    When I started I committed to a year and I have no plans to change what I am doing.

    @KetoZandra - Wondering what your macros breakdown is? I did a Whole 30 in January and lost 8 #, then tried Keto with my BF in February and gained 5#. To be honest, I did not track so I am sure the gain came from too many calories. I agree that Keto eating was keeping me full and satisfied. Maybe a better macro focus will give me the push I need.
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    I don’t have any input re your diet, but I would encourage you to incorporate some type of exercise, not for weight loss, but for overall health. Anything you enjoy.
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    5 % carbs, 75% fat, 20% protein. I usually go over on protein to get up to my calories.
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