Getting Started Again

I had previously lost 50 pounds, and I have gained 30 pounds back again. I am past the frustration , and want to get back into the routine of eating right, exercising, and feeling good about myself.


  • highlightergreen
    highlightergreen Posts: 5 Member
    Hey, I am in the same boat. You have managed to keep off 20 lbs so that is something to be proud of. I find myself losing weight and then gaining it all back. The goal for me this year is to slowly incorporate healthier choices like walking the stairs or buying groceries with just a basket instead of a cart. Keep it up and cheers to a better outlook and health!
  • Jennical
    Jennical Posts: 219 Member
    Tell me about it!!! Hi, I originally lost 32 pounds since I started on MFP about seven years ago.. I fell and hurt my foot and regained 22 lbs and now I'm ready to lose it again. I'm telling myself if I could have done it before, I could do it again...(hopefully without much pain) Good luck to you and all those in the same boat.
  • Bradley_J84
    Bradley_J84 Posts: 110 Member
    Man, I got up to 99 lbs and fell off the wagon and gained 17! Pfft