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Do diets work?



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    lemurcat12 wrote: »
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    "Bacon is quite healthy"

    I can't even find a gif that accurately describes my facial expression right now.

    This close?


    Yep on Keto - you need Sodium yep bacon has it - you need protein YEP - you need fat - YEP

    if its part of a none keto diet limit it but YEP on Keto actually beneficial

    So wait, the cheese on the burger is fine, the bacon is fine, you can make a burger with lean meat (although I still don't understand why bacon is fine, 85% lean beef is bad) -- so the only problem with a burger is the bun?

    So the argument is that if you eat any bread you are unhealthy?


    And the BBQ sauce...cuz TEH SUGARZ!!!
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    I used to love pirate cookies
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    I just realized that our dear sweet Jane is arguing that it’s a good idea to eat cheeseburgers. I’m laughing right now.

    And it’s only the contrarian who doesn’t see the humour

    I noticed the same :smile: Even someone who may not eat at meat at the moment still understands the science here.
    Sadly, I know a few other people in real life that would argue the same as he is ... too stubborn

    I argue better choices and when given a choice i eat the better choice

    Better only in your mind, my young padawan

    hmmmmm you want to lose weight - a jelly donut or a chicken breast

    Why stop there?

    From the people who brought you "Carls Jr Bacon Western Cheeseburger versus chicken breast with some nuts":

    A handful of Skittles or a bunch of unseasoned kale?

    A tumbler of bourbon or a piece of grilled salmon?

    A entire deep dish pizza with sausage or some undressed zucchini noodles?

    A bag of potato chips or a small bowl of plain fat-free yogurt?

    Coming to your town soon in "Dichotomous Food Choices that Nobody, I mean but nobody, Is Really Facing"!

    Change bourbon to rum and the choice is clear.

    I feel like a tumbler of rum *and* some grilled salmon might count as a balanced pirate meal.

    You need hardtack biscuit for carbs. ;)

    Are you *kidding* me? Do you know how many carbs the average pirate eats? We need to do our part to combat that!

    Well, the biscuits often contained weevils, so there was added protein...

    When you put it that way, it's basically a fortified food! And there is nothing on the label about it being "fat-free," so we don't need to worry about the dreaded dangerous chemicals . . .
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    LMAO - sooo funny watching you guy spin out of control with a picture - yeah I posted it to see what the comments would be

    Just like your special math with the special k picture?
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    Actually, why don't we let him and "fat makes you fat!!!" shouty guy duke it out and see what happens? I'm taking bets.

    That would be fun