Hey You Young Adults (20-30ish)! Let's Connect!



  • Thick1r1sh
    Thick1r1sh Posts: 6 Member
    New here again..... Trying to make it longer than the first time.....I just turned 36 still working adult hood and need to loose a lot of weight
  • AlexisElexis
    AlexisElexis Posts: 5 Member
    Hey everyone, my name is Alexis I'm currently 25 from Ontario (Canada). Currently following keto, looking for some new friends. I work an office job and spend too much time doing nothing lol so I'm signing up to try roller derby tomorrow (hoping not to break a bone during the first practice. It's good to note that I've never ridden on skatws in my life...... Wish me luck
  • fatguy_fitness
    fatguy_fitness Posts: 195 Member
    I guess this is my last year to be in this post! :-)

    I just turned 39 on the 4th. I'm using that as motivations to get back at it to get fit and sexy by the time I hit the big 40.
  • peacejan
    peacejan Posts: 23 Member
    Hey everyone. I'm kayley and I'm 24, recent just got married and wanting to ensure my body is the healthiest it can be! That means losing between 30-40lbs my first goal is to lose 14lb. I currently work in an office at a desk job and theres often food temptations everywhere but I'm doing well st keeping my willpower! I'm looking for more friends around my age to help keep motivated 💪
  • slimdownsilly
    slimdownsilly Posts: 2 Member
    Hey! I'm 27 and would love some more active friends. I have been on here for a while, but am only recently really making an effort to lose weight!
  • cunning_linguist
    cunning_linguist Posts: 281 Member
    I'm 27 and could always use new and active friends. :)
  • giancarlov1191
    giancarlov1191 Posts: 493 Member
    28! Always happy to make more friends.
  • sk1998mfp
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    edited July 2019
    I’m in my low 20’s feel free to add! My add button not working 🙁
  • dlbohl1991
    dlbohl1991 Posts: 786 Member
    Let’s bring this thread back
  • dlbohl1991
    dlbohl1991 Posts: 786 Member
    I’m 28 btw
  • MohsenSALAH
    MohsenSALAH Posts: 182 Member
    Just turned 24
  • ohortert14
    ohortert14 Posts: 42 Member
    I’m 27, feel free to add me as well.