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Weight watchers back to mfp?

jbheller14jbheller14 Posts: 13Member, Premium Member Posts: 13Member, Premium Member
Has anyone else found the new WW plan Freestyle not working and went back to counting calories with MFP?


  • rainbowblurainbowblu Posts: 92Member Member Posts: 92Member Member
    What don't you like about freestyle?
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Posts: 385Member, Premium Member Posts: 385Member, Premium Member
    I lost about 100lbs using MFP (My success story is floating around here somewhere. I went from an 18/20 to a 4/6). I was very near my goal, then I had some health problems and I had to readjust the way I thought about food. (Had to go gluten-free due to celiac as well as discovering a number of food allergies). The problem was that I had calorie counting "fatigue" in a sense that I was like "Oh I know how much that is!". So I wanted to shock myself into being accountable for something and so I picked a different program. I used Weight Watchers for about a year, and it worked.

    I've gotten a lot of things under control now, and I want to finish and achieve my goal. So I started up WW again and I realized that with the new points and free food that it was more low-carb centric than ever. I have nothing against a low-carb diet, but that's not for me. (I'm a very picky eater XD).

    So last week, I shored up my willpower and started diligently tracking again, not letting myself do the "Oh but I know how many calories that is" math in my head. (I am very good with numbers so the math never let me down, but I am even better at lying to myself).

    I think, in the end, I will probably swap back to MFP entirely and cancel Weight Watchers. It's a good program, and it DID help me. My friend is using it (which is how I got involved) and she's losing weight consistently.

    I have so few things I can eat on top of so few things I LIKE to eat that I need a bit more flexibility in how I track my intake. WW's points are pretty high for carb-based food, which created a storm of hunger for me and thus I would end up eating more calories than I should.

    Right now, I'm tracking with both, but that isn't sustainable. XD Tracking in ONE app is arduous enough.
  • whathapndwhathapnd Posts: 299Member Member Posts: 299Member Member
    I'm a lapsed WW Lifetime member. I lost 30 pounds with PointsPlus and pretty easily kept it off for two years. I was eating Simply Filling Technique,mainly intuitively, during maintenance. When I regained some and went back to tracking the program was Smartpoints, and I hated it because I was always hungry and out of points. I definitely like Freestyle better because it feels similar to Simply Filling Technique. That said, I find myself frequently cross tracking in MFP for the same reason others have said - - out of points but way under calories. The WW database may not be robust, but I find the MFP one overwhelming.

    So long story, if you ate Simply Filling Technique, you probably won't hate Freestyle as much as others, but will need to either trust yourself to eat more when you're out of points or cross track calories in MFP. Because I have a lot of food data/recipes in WW app, I'm sticking with it, for now. But the out of points/way under calories issue is a big deal.
  • vivianlcoots62vivianlcoots62 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I’m a lifetime ww member but I overeat the “free” foods. I’m much more accountable with MFP
  • PorfforBatPorfforBat Posts: 13Member Member Posts: 13Member Member
    I couldn't get my head around it. And the meetings seemed a bit lacking. I actually gained in the 4 months I was a member. So here I am.
  • RussellAMagniRussellAMagni Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    I just joined WW... and it's working... but I like the community on mfp so I'm going to do both not necessarily track calories but I'm going to use the community here cuz people here are awesome and this is way better then the way they have that setup... but since the freestyle points system is working for me I'm going to stick with that
  • mm3harrismm3harris Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I joined WW 1/8/2018 with the incentive plan of losing 10 lbs by 3/8/18 to earn 2 free months. As of today I lost 9.6 lbs. I called WW today and informed them how hard it was to lose weight on their plan. My question was "how do they determine the points for each person"? I exercised 6 times per week(Zumba, Zumba Toning, Advanced Step, BodyPump and walk 3 miles at least 1 day per week) and the most I lost was .4 lbs in a week. Therefore, the plan points were more of a maintenance plan at best. Without the exercise I gained weight. So, I went to a 1000-1200 calorie plan on my own just to see the results and have lost 6.4 in the last 1 1/2 of my 90 days on WW. But, WW taught me to really be selective about the foods I eat. I found this plan because counting calories seems to work better for me. WW really does work for some. Also, I was told I have until 3/22/18 to meet the 10 lb goal!
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  • bethypoobahbethypoobah Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    I started WW prior to the Smartpoints and lost weight rapidly. Then came SmartPoints and I struggled. They were very carb unfriendly (carbs=more points in food). When Freestyle rolled out, I couldn't do it. I have difficulty understanding how beans are FREE foods. They also decreased daily points based on the FREE foods. I am on Jenny Craig now. Lots of delicious foods but very expensive. I do like the 1:1 counseling as I was never a group person.
  • 1229swansong1229swansong Posts: 19Member, Premium Member Posts: 19Member, Premium Member
    I left WW because I know that I would overeat the free stuff. MFP keeps me more accountable. I have lost more on MFP than any other meal plan. The trick for me is learning how to keep it off.
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