Going to a Brazilian Steakhouse - Need Your Help!

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Hey, so I wasn't sure if this belonged in Food/Nutrition, or General... It's posted both places.

I'm going to a churrascaria tonight and it didn't occur to me until just now that I don't want to be the weirdo with a scale at the table. How on earth do I log this? I don't have a clue what those thin slices weigh at. I know that I'll be cutting my meat to only 1 kind, and salad bar will not be a problem to log. But... the meat...?

How can I have an idea of how much I eat for accurate logging? Any buffet I have gone to since logging regularly on here has been me pulling a portion and paying the weight, so I've been able to work from that or bring it to work then weigh/log.

The closest thing I can find is 1 source showing about 200 cal in a 3oz portion of top sirloin, but another source showing that a slice or top sirloin at a churrascaria (which cannot be ounce) about 120 cal. That math doesn't work.

Or, do I just log 1k cal and not think about it since I don't eat red meat often? I'm clearly in the dark here lol.


  • deannalfisher
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    if you could take a picture of your plate after you get food on it, then guesstimate to your best ability; but other than that log and enjoy
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    Be mindful and just enjoy yourself! Granted those places people to eat more than normal, just stop when you are full, track the best you can and most of all enjoy it!
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    I'd guesstimate it, that's what I usually do anyway for meals out because we don't eat out much - go with the 1k cals - it'll cover your meal well (unless you have a huge dessert as well...)
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    4 ounces of meat is roughly the size of a deck of cards so you can eyeball it and get reasonably accurate numbers if want to log something but don't get hung up on the numbers for a single night out. I'd also recommend not weighing yourself for at least a couple of days after because there's bound to be a lot of sodium in the food and you will probably retain water. Have fun, log as best you can, take a long walk or bike ride or get in an extra workout this weekend to work some of it off (if you're still concerned), and don't fret it.
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    Just going in with that sense of awareness and control is definitely a NSV!!! Have fun!
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    There are calorie estimates for a popular chain restaurant Fogo De Chao for the items available at a typical Brazilian steakhouse. I am sure they are just somebodies guesses; but they don't seem too unreasonable.
  • Kohanai
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    Hey, thanks ya'll! I really appreciate it, the comments to chill and the guides.

    I visit this place once a year (Restaurant week - almost half price!) but haven't really cared about it before. But, now that I'm really focused on all of this, I had a little bit of a panic haha. I guess we'll see if I can just relax and hang with the crew, and maybe not go overboard. It'll be a win if I can actually stop when full. Fingers crossed!

    Besides, tomorrow AM is gonna be my last cf Open workout, so I was planning on kicking it's butt. Guess I have another reason to go hard.
  • Kohanai
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    Haha, thank you! Love these places, so fingers crossed that I actually do stop when full.
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    Oh man, I am jealous - I've only been to a churrascaria a couple of times and both times it was amazing. I'm usually pretty good at estimating restaurant food, but in this case, I'd just log somewhere in the 1-2k range for the meal and enjoy myself.
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    Ha! I'd go with your last sentence! It's a treat---and usually pretty $$$---so eat and enjoy, and try not to overstuff!
  • Iamnotasenior
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    Just for reference, 3 ounces of fish, poultry or meat is about the size of a deck of cards or will fill your whole palm.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    True story. One Saturday last Summer I went to a meat market in town and purchased a couple of giant steaks. I think mine weight 2 lb. I seared it on both sides and consumed it medium rare. The next morning, I weighed in with a 3 lb loss. Enjoy!