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    I eat most of my meals at home and don't have co-workers. I eat whatever I feel like.
    My teenage dd asked what was so stinky today because I cooked fish and zucchini noodles and then went around spraying air freshener. It wasn't that bad. I just rolled my eyes and told her to keep it away from the food.

    A lot of people think you have to eat certain things to lose weight. Enjoy your spaghetti and pity them because they will probably do something miserable.
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    You should have just said, "Yeah, its going great!" and kept moving.
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    My strategy? Thick skin.

    Remodeling other people's behavior is impossible: A losing proposition.

    Managing my own reactions is doable, including moderating the rather natural reaction to be annoyed when some idiot is rude. I don't want others' silly remarks affecting my mood, so I've worked at just letting them roll by. There are limits, but they're pretty far out there now.

    In the workplace or with other people with whom I need to continue civil social relations, unless the remark was far over the line, I'd strive to act as I would if the person was just making pointless small talk, and - as social oil - reply in that same vein.

    "How's your diet going?" "Great, thanks."

    "Another salad, of course!" "Love me some veggies!"

    "You're getting soooo skinny!" "My doctor and I are very happy."

    "Are you gonna stay on that diet forever?" "Diet? (Shrug) I eat what I enjoy."

    Etc. Eventually, my internal reaction tends to settle down to the same neutral emotional level. As a bonus, people who like to needle others sometimes get bored with trying to provoke someone who doesn't seem to notice, and they lay off.

    If I can manage it, I want to build a reputation as the person who's calm, civil, well-adjusted, and who takes the high road when others go low. Zinger reactions are more fun, and I sometimes fail myself and go there, but I try to stick to my longer term goal of being the steady person. In that respect, it's kind of like weight loss: Trading off short-term self-indulgence for a longer-term goal.


    Yep - exactly! I try to take the high road.

    I've found most of the more annoying comments stem from ignorance and you can't fix stupid so I just ignore it.

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    Every time they see me eating anything, they feel the need to say something. Sometimes it's not even that they are commenting on it, or giving opinions... they will just say what it is I'm eating.
    "Oh, a banana and almonds, huh?"
    "Oh, you're eating a salad."
    "Oh, you got your protein shake."
    Like, why? Why do you care? Why do you feel the need to say anything, especially when it holds no value?
    *sigh* whatever. Can't choose your coworkers. Or your family. :confused:

    I get a lot of these comments too. I hate it when people look at my food anyway. I don't stick my face in their food and comment, it's rude. I usually give them the attention they deserve - I ignore them. If they repeat it I'd probably give them "the look" and tell them how rude they are.
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    I don't even think that her comment needs a comeback, the best response is continuing to do what works for you. Actions speak louder than words and your results will prove that you are on the right track.
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    DarianJP wrote: »
    People will always have an opinion. I was eating baby carrots “plain” at work the other day and my coworker said, “Ew! How are you eating those plain. You’ve gotta have some dip or something with those girl.” lol And I told her carrots were the perfect snack because I could eat endless amounts of them by themselves because they’re a little sweet, a little savory and crunchy. Everyone’s a critic. Haha

    Funny, that's one of the things that I did when gaining weight....

    Dang, you must of ate a ton of carrots if you gained weight off them. Lol Maybe it was over eating in general that caused your weight gain. I’ve got a big appetite and am in maintenance so being able to eat a lot of something low calorie (ie. carrots), helps me stick to my calorie goal and keeps me satisfied.

    I love baby carrots and eat them all the time, but I have to admit this was one of those things when I first started counting calories I was thinking they had almost negative cals and was surprised to realize a whole bag of baby carrots has way more calories & sugar than eating a whole cucumber or a bunch of celery.

    Not like carrots are some super high calorie bad for you snack of course! haha They are great.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Most people have no idea how to go about telling someone "good job" and moving on with their life. I deal with weird comments all the time from co workers, family and even friends. Mostly I don't comment back at all b/c I don't really give a ** what they say. It is hardest at work. Just know that most people are trying to be complimentary. Secondly, just don't let it get to you. Keep doing what you are doing for yourself. You don't have to justify pasta or anything else to anyone. EAT whatever you want and live your life. Coworkers be damned!
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    There's nothing like seeing someone else taking care of their business to send some others into a flap of feelings of regret and inferiority for not handling their own. Some respond by taking action, some by presuming/hoping you'll fail and being hyper alert to any suggestion of such.

    Point being - what she said says more about her than you.
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    Many people who are eating unhealthy food feel insecure when they see someone eating healthy foods. That's why they make comments! It's amazing how annoyed people get sometimes. I guess it's harder to enjoy pigging out when the guy next to you is eating a salad.