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I was heating up my meal prep a few minutes ago, and I had a coworker walk by me stirring my plate of spaghetti. She looks down and says, "Oh, I see the diet is going well!" chuckles and walks away. I simply sighed.

My meal prep is below. It fits my macros, keeps me full, and frankly, why should I give up pasta to lose weight when I can eat it and still be at a deficit????

I've found that since my weight loss has become noticeable, the comments have started. It is almost since I started caring about what goes into my body, other people feel the need to also. Many are well meaning, "Oh I see you got the salad!" or " You are looking great, keep it up, don't quit" What many don't realize is that I have been at this for quite some time, and your perceptions on pasta aren't going to persuade me to eat like a rabbit. Good luck with whatever weight loss fad you try this month.

How often do you guys deal with this? What are some things you hear about what you eat/ your lifestyle that just get under your skin?



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    Congratulations on your success! When you work and eat in close quarters with the same people day in and day out, some people are going to make comments. Try not to read anything into them. The comments (good or bad) have nothing to do your achievements. <3
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    erickirb wrote: »
    Not sure what you mean by meal prep... where they at your house when you were prepping/cooking a large pot to be divided later. If so, they may though all of that was a meal or so, not many meals.

    If you were at work, you mean they saw you heating up your portioned out meal? which is what I think you are saying, but you said they saw you heating up your meal prep, which made me wonder.

    Regardless, it is easy to say, what do you mean, this meal is 400 calories, which makes up 25% (or whatever) of my daily intake.

    haha, to clarify, it was my food that I had pre prepped and portioned out. I was just stirring it up as she walked by.
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    I am a huge pasta person and will always be. Yes, if it fits your daily calorie then it’s not problem. Ignore other people’s ignorance. She sounds like a person that has her own insecurities and since your weight loss is noticeable, she needed to “comment”
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    MzManiak wrote: »
    Every time they see me eating anything, they feel the need to say something. Sometimes it's not even that they are commenting on it, or giving opinions... they will just say what it is I'm eating.
    "Oh, a banana and almonds, huh?"
    "Oh, you're eating a salad."
    "Oh, you got your protein shake."
    Like, why? Why do you care? Why do you feel the need to say anything, especially when it holds no value?
    *sigh* whatever. Can't choose your coworkers. Or your family. :confused:

    I've dealt with my family making comments for years. I learned to tune it out. I guess that's what has caught me off guard. When I was eating like crap along with the rest of my coworkers, no one cared. I work in logistics, and our desks are set up next to each other, no cubicles. A lot of boundaries in general are overstepped. You can't take a bite here without someone asking about. Mostly it is comical, I just thought this chick's comment today was super rude. And I don't want to go into detail explaining to her how you can eat spaghetti and lose weight. She still thinks sugar and carbs of any kind are the devil.