from 235 to 163

Melionfire Posts: 343 Member


  • MyLovesMyLife
    MyLovesMyLife Posts: 424 Member
    Great job I started at 236 in November of 2016. So I can relate. I’m sitting at 170 though. Are you at goal? You look great. I’m working on strength now too
  • Sheluvsbread2much
    Sheluvsbread2much Posts: 85 Member
    Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks for posting. It helps a lot of people to hang in there. I'm looking forward to the day where I'm ten pounds away. Now I know it can be done.
  • JaydedMiss
    JaydedMiss Posts: 4,286 Member
    hey we had same starting weight! ^_^ great job
  • bkyoun
    bkyoun Posts: 371 Member
    Way to go! Great progress.
  • GOT_Obsessed
    GOT_Obsessed Posts: 817 Member
    You have done so well. Congrats! Best of luck with the last 10 lbs. You can do it!
  • StevefromMichigan
    StevefromMichigan Posts: 462 Member
    Wow, what a transformation. You look great!
  • mojonah
    mojonah Posts: 92 Member
    Melionfire wrote: »

    Seriously a great achievement. Congratulations and no looking back.

  • ssunshine1021
    ssunshine1021 Posts: 9 Member
    Great job!
  • T0M_K
    T0M_K Posts: 7,526 Member
    really awesome!! honestly. just a great job.
  • sexybug6
    sexybug6 Posts: 156 Member
    Great job
  • boehle
    boehle Posts: 5,062 Member
    You are almost identical to me.
    I am 5'2
    I started at 237. I am currently hovering between 155-160.
    I'd like to get back to 140ish.
    You have kicked butt. Good job.
  • ashxtasticness
    ashxtasticness Posts: 160 Member
    Great job and thank you for sharing!
  • mutantspicy
    mutantspicy Posts: 624 Member
  • Styggian
    Styggian Posts: 465 Member
    Great progress, congratulations :)
  • normalicia11
    normalicia11 Posts: 474 Member
    Congratulations. !!!
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