Is there a way to share recipes with other myfitnesspal members ?

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I was wondering if I make a personal recipe is there a way to send it to another member ? For example I make a meal and my wife wants to log it,is there a way to email or send the recipe to her ?


  • CyberTone
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    You can not share recipes directly with another user, and another user will not find your recipes through a search. Your recipes will be displayed in the search results only when you perform a search.

    ​There is a workaround to log another user's Recipe nutrition information. Once you log a Recipe to one of your Meals, another user who has access to your Food Diary can copy the Meal containing the Recipe item from your Diary to their Diary, then delete any unwanted entries from that copied Meal.

    ​Please see these articles, and search for other helpful articles, on the MFP Help/FAQ pages...
  • atmasters
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    Okay thank you !!
  • Stan9908
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    Go to the three lines at the top left hand corner. Open it and scroll down to the friends header. Send your partner a friend request which he will then accept. Now you have a direct link to each other. Go to your meal and open it. Press the share button in blue on the right hand side of the meal. Your partners link will appear. Press the link and and a pop-up will appear on your partners screen. It will have highlighted in blue at the bottom Save for later. Press and the meal is saved under meals in your partners My fitnesspal.
    Hope this helps.
  • krissywashington79
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    You can share recipes. Once it’s created and logged. Click the 3 little dots on that meal and share it via text. They can then open it and log it.
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    I dont see three dots - is this in the free app or one that you are paying for?
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    MyFitnessPal has seen it in their infant wisdom to remove the iMessage feature making it impossible to effectively share meals and recipes with friends and family. Now my friends must copy, line-for-line my recipes. Huge waste of technology.
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    You can share a meal by using the share icon next to the meal name and post a “status update”. Then the person following you can go to your page and tap the recipe and save to their meals.
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    The OP asked how to share a "recipe", not a "meal". The two are distinctly different.

    A recipe is something that is created to be eaten.

    I am currently running the latest Android version of the free app and there is no way to share a Recipe.
    That lacking feature is either extremely short sighted or an intentional act... the latter being very disappointing to say the least.

    If a meal (food entry) is shared but the recipient of that meal has no idea how to create that meal, it's utterly worthless.

    My wife and I spent 2 hours creating a recipe where I logged every ingredient and created it on my device under my account.

    I intended to share that recipe with friends and family. I can only share the meal with her because she knows the ingredients, and we must be friends to do so. Any other real life friend or family cannot benefit from this ability because I cannot share the recipe via my fitness myfitnesspal.

    If this is incorrect, explain very clearly how to do so, including app version. I have read approx a dozen help files and forum posts. None are correct as of May 2021.