Apple Cider Vinegar review



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    So wait, "the ACV" is what the drink/cure thingy is being called to distinguish it from just ACV (or apple cider vinegar) the, you know, vinegar that one uses like other vinegars in cooking or salad dressings? I'm not up on my usages and was confusing when people started going on about "the ACV" as if it were something else. I've never heard anyone talk about "the red wine vinegar" (or the "RWV") or "the balsamic vinegar," so it took me a bit to figure this out.

    Speaking of which, those amusing olive oil shops where they sell all kinds of high priced olive oils and let you taste them as if it were a wine tasting room and so on usually also have balsamic vinegar. I wonder if the ones around me have expanded to different sorts of high-priced apple cider vinegar given how trendy it's been lately, and that poor balsamic vinegar doesn't seem to have any crazy tales told about it's benefits (although I can't see why the type of vinegar would matter). Really should check if fancy ACV's are being sold, forgot to last time I was there, maybe Bragg's just cornered the market on trendy ACV already.

    Anyway, drinking it plain seems ick to me, but there are currently some low cal drinks that incorporate it, kind of like versions of kombucha (sold at WF, home of that sort of thing, of course). Since I don't drink wine anymore I always love a good new drink to try that is potentially interesting and non alcoholic and low cal (home made iced tea is my usual standby, also brewed unsweetened chocolate). I tried one of the ACV drinks that was tasty, although I'm sure overpriced. (I don't mind an occasional overpriced drink although I do hate fake weight loss cures and something getting ridiculously trendy can be a turn off. But then kombucha is pretty trendy and I enjoy it.)
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    Here's what I see. You are working hard. You are limiting your calorie intake and your carbs. You are doing that. And then you give away the credit for all that hard work to ACV. That's what everyone is trying to tell you. Take the credit! It's all you! Not the ACV.

    Hah! You beat me to this point. GMTA!.