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    Oy vey. Prolonged use of ACV (even diluted) on your face risks a chemical burn. Worth it?

    You have any links about this? I've seen where prolonged exposure (putting ACV on bandages) caused chemical burns. Never seen anything about brief applications of diluted ACV causing burns. I'm quite curious!

    OP says she's using it as a toner, most people don't rinse off a toner. And the strength of the dilution is key, and probably not something the avg person making a homemade toner from miracle ACV is being careful about. Google is full of people reporting they have burns on their faces from ACV. I'm sure they did something wrong, but that's what can happen when people apply an acid solution to their face after reading a stranger's blog in their PJs :wink:

    See, I didn't even know what a toner was, so that makes sense. ~The more you know~
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    I started to drink the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) a week ago, and the result has been amazing. My tummy doesn't feel bloated anymore, and I lost a few inches. How I make it? I just add 2 tsp of ACV and 1 tsp of lime juice in a cup of water. I drink 30 mnts before breakfast every morning. I want to continue to keep drinking the ACV.

    And I make the ACV as my toner as well. My face had terrible breakouts recently, so i use the ACV as a toner. And now my face is so much fairer and the breakouts are gone.

    God bless the ACV

    Oh my..........I take you bought stock in the company?

    All the nonsense about ACV and dieting has been around for decades. If it really worked for weight loss it wouldn't be a fad that comes and would instead be a fixture that any medical doctor would recommend.

    There would also be endless threads from experienced users saying how well it worked, instead of endless threads from new users asking if it worked. :D

    I've been on MFP for over 6 years and have never seen even one thread from an experienced, successful user crediting ACV for their weight loss.

    There is no weight loss benefit from ACV. It's woo. A scam. Fake news. Bad information.
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    Speaking of which, those amusing olive oil shops where they sell all kinds of high priced olive oils and let you taste them as if it were a wine tasting room and so on usually also have balsamic vinegar. I wonder if the ones around me have expanded to different sorts of high-priced apple cider vinegar given how trendy it's been lately, and that poor balsamic vinegar doesn't seem to have any crazy tales told about it's benefits (although I can't see why the type of vinegar would matter). Really should check if fancy ACV's are being sold, forgot to last time I was there, maybe Bragg's just cornered the market on trendy ACV already.

    I am in love with Vom Fass, which is one of those fancy oil/vinegar tasting places. They have a store in Madison, WI and thank goodness I only get to go there occasionally when I am visiting family, otherwise I would have entirely unreasonable amounts of fancy oils + vinegars vs. the mildly unreasonable amounts I have.
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    Yeah, I know, I find it hard to resist when I go! So I control how often I do. There's a Vom Fass really close to my L stop, and I'm not that far from another place called City Olive, either. Dangerous!
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    Ah geez. We have a Vom Fass in SD. Where have I been?
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    @livingleanlivingclean yeah, I take less carbs and more protein foods everyday. And I make sure my intake calories don't exceed more than 1200 calories. I wanna start to do the intermittent fasting this week as well.

    Eating under 1200 calories is not great... 1200 is the minimum a woman should be consuming.
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    Wow. Some really bitter people here. Glad the ACV worked for you. I use it for stomach upset at times and it's very helpful. Take a look at and read testimonials from others (both pro and con). Keep up the good work!


    Don't mind me, i'm just going to go ahead and steal that from you...

    I am with everyone else here. Apple cider vinegar is a delicious additive and ingredient to many foods. I like a splash of it on some salads, I like to use it for heartburn (not sure why, but it seems to help with that, maybe it's not heartburn?), and I like to heat some up sometimes to let the fumes clear my sinuses. It also makes a great pet deterrent when deployed via squirt bottle. As for fat loss, I will stick to my trusty caloric deficit.
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    There was a programme on TV here in the UK within the last couple of weeks where they did some experiments and found it did help. They did find that it was not restricted to only apple cider vinegar, but all vinegars, and that acidic nature helped digestion and absorption. So if you can stand it, just down a bottle of malt vinegar before food

    I do hope this is some sort of joke and I have missed the punch line.

    If people really want to drink a shot of ACV as some sort of placebo or digestion aid or whatever - fine. Won't help with weight loss but will at least be relatively harmless

    But a whole bottle every time you eat some food ????? :o

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    I dunked mah fone in ACV end eye am know heavy-ink dribble thai-ping on MFP! But it still didn't loose no wait !?!?! :confounded:
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    I dunked mah fone in ACV end eye am know heavy-ink dribble thai-ping on MFP! But it still didn't loose no wait !?!?! :confounded:

    Apparently what you lost was IQ points :(
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    I dunked mah fone in ACV end eye am know heavy-ink dribble thai-ping on MFP! But it still didn't loose no wait !?!?! :confounded:

    Apparently what you lost was IQ points :(

    Da ACV took dem aweigh? :cold_sweat:

    Butt it promised a smooth slimmer fone zo I had too tri?