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I'm just looking for more friends in the same situation that I am to stick together with. I am 29 years old, single, no kids. I'm in college with 1 year left to finish my degree after not really sticking with it the first time around out of high school. 5'10" and have been sticking to this MFP journey for almost 2 months now.

Starting weight (Feb 22nd): 332 lb
Current Weight (April 14th): 306.8 lb

Long and Short Term Goals:
End of Semester (May 3): 299 lb
Cousin's Wedding (June 2): 287 lb
Start of Fall Semester (Aug 23): 255 lb
30th Birthday (Dec 2): 220 lb
Graduation (May 2, 2019): 175 lb

End Goal Weight: 145 lb

Anyone who can relate to a long journey with 150-200 lb to lose that wants to be there for the long haul is more than welcome to add me and maybe we can become real friends as we do this together.



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    Finally birds of the same feather. Lol. I've been struggling with weight my whole life. In 2016 I finally decided that I had enough and started looking into bariatric surgery. This was in October 2016 by March 2017 I had gone through everything I needed to for my doctors and insurance. I had the gastric sleeve done on March 14, 2017. By January 2018 I had lost 80lbs. But emotionally I was a mess. I fell back into old habits and eating breads and sweets because of stress.

    I have bee. Working with my doctor and think that we may have finally found the right medication to help with my depression. I've started a group therapy for people with eating issues. So I think I am getting back on the right track. I had gained almost 20lbs back after dealing with the depression. And I'm ready to lose that and more.

    HW: 350
    SW: 321
    CW: 275ish (I'm to scared to step back on the scale. I know I've gained more)
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    Great job @Jobar001 ! You have made great progress. I totally understand the struggle with type II. Unfortunately, the diagnosis didn't wake me up - it took almost going into a coma to smack some sense into me.. Ive been able to keep my readings in an acceptable range since then by changing my eating habits. My niece is a physician's assistant and her boyfriend is a nutritionist. They have been helping me establish a new eating plan that has helped tremendously!

    @WeightLossMama79 - you make me think if a meme I recently saw online "when you eat because you're sad and you're sad because you're fat, and you're fat because you eat"... Depression is a vicious cycle. My daughter struggles with it and so do I. Proper medication is key but so is taking care of yourself. Tell yourself that food is medicine and you need it to be good food just as much as you need your medication. Carbs make me feel more depressed, especially the day after I've carb-binged. I realized that every time I would fix spaghetti for dinner (and I can't control myself around spaghetti), the next day I would have a bad day and usually so would my daughter. Same thing would happen if I made a dessert (and of course I can't control myself around those either). I'm telling yall - I was in serious denial that I was diabetic! Since I've reduced my carbs and started eating healthier, I've been able to better manage my depression but it is definitely a vicious cycle. You know you need to eat better but you just don't have the energy to do it.. Hang in there and keep pushing. It WILL get better!
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    Help! I am at day 1 of being back to my fitness pal and I feel like the only things I haven't tried yet are online support and surgery (I am not ready to go down that road yet and greatly admire those who have done it and have succeeded). You know the usual story...I have been dieting and dealing with weight losses and gains since around the age of 9. I am not sure how much I weigh now but believe it is in the 350-360 region and have had enough. I don't currently have any health problems related to my weight but I am waiting for them to start. I have no doubt that I am a food addict; I have used food as comfort my entire life and I need it to stop. I make every excuse in the book to stay the way I am. I am body positive and a confident, active force to be reckoned with in every other aspect of my life. I need someone in this with me. I need accountability I think. I just want to have my energy back. I also suffered from a car accident that makes some exercises a nightmare for me but extra weight is just exacerbating my injuries.
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    @Jobar001 It looks and sounds like you’re doing great! I’m happy that you are feeling better and becoming healthier! It’s such a great feeling when you know you’re headed in the right direction. I wish I was more motivated to go to the gym but I’m too self conscious and all that. I definitely do obsess about my weight. Lately I’ve noticed my mood almost depends on the results sometimes and that’s not a good thing.
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    Has anyone on here tried the ketogenic plan? I'm currently doing it and have been feeling great the past week.
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    *waves hello* Hi, can I join in? I've always told people that there is a world of difference between being someone with more than 100lbs to lose with a lifelong struggle, and someone who was always lean but gained 30-40lbs after having kids (or another life event). It would be great to be among folks with similar struggles.

    Age: 46
    Height: 5' 9"
    Starting weight: 370-380 lbs (many years ago, like 2005 I think)
    Current weight: 280lbs
    Goal weight: 170lbs (I guess? I've never been a healthy weight so I have no idea)
    Current loss to date: Varies, LOL. I was at 225lbs a few years back but regained some
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    @WeightLossMomma79 It sounds like you’re back on the right track! It’s so easy to be doing great and then give in to old ways and then it just takes over again. I hope that you do start feeling better, depression is no joke. Hopefully losing some weight will make you feel a little more positive too!

    @curlysue102 It’s never too late to change and it does matter how you feel! You have already once made such a huge positive change in your life, that should tell you that you have it in you! It’s an everyday process. Being on the road it has to be harder to find healthy options since there are so many fast food places. Just try small at first, try to make one good decision each day and go from there!

    @powererin Welcome back to mfp! I definitely relate to you in going through gains and losses. When I think about how much I’ve lost and gained back and over and over, I’m like wow... if I could have just stayed on track. Also using food as a comfort. I get excited to go out to dinner with my husband. And it sucks not doing that when I’m trying to eat better since it’s fun for us to get out. It’s sounds like you are happy with yourself and still have confidence which is amazing and I’m happy you feel that way! I need some help in that area. I’m also a pretty shy person so even talking here is a big deal to me. I feel like I’ll say all the wrong things and be judged lol. Have faith in yourself that you can take charge and head into the right direction!
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    My starting weight was 338 currently 303. Struggling to stay motivated. But my goal is 180. Add me if you like.
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    Thanks everyone! I am so grateful for an open forum where I can chat with people who really understand! It is difficult to relate to those who only have a few pounds to lose, although I understand that they feel the same struggles at times. I hope you have all had a positive start to the weekend!
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    My spirit sisters!

    I'm back on MFP for what seems to be the upteenth since I joined in 2011. My first go 'round, I did really well and lost 93lbs on my own. Then I got divorced, my work and school schedules both became full time, my mother died, my husbands grandfather (whom we lived with) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and then HE died. In the midst of all that, my husband and I reconciled and married a 2nd time... No kids. Not a 1 in the last 17 years. Just him and me. Meanwhile, I gained back 75lbs, had to quit working and filed for disability. Why? Bahaha.. the legit reason is it became too painful to work. Both physical and mental. Luckily I was able to get on Medicaid, start seeing doctors, and that led to a bariatric program. I spent 9 months busting my *kitten* complying with their program so I could get the sleeve surgery. At the finish line, I got denied. Their 343 questionnaire diagnosed me with a borderline personality disorder. Get therapy for minimum of a year then you can come back and try again. Begin tail spin. I had gotten back down to 310. But this news plus new medications... I ultimately ended up weighing 381 and a whole host of other health problems.

    so here I am.. A year later, on the path to restarting that program. My cardiologist started me on water pills and that seems to have been the kick I needed to jump start weight loss. I'm down to 363 from 381 in February. I'm willing to admit that maybe 75% of that was water from all of the edema, but you know what? I'm still happy to have lost it. The only problem is my mobility has greatly decreased in the last year and it's really hard to want to move on my high pain days. That's why I decided to devote myself to MFP again.

    If I don't get back into the bariatric program, I can always stick with this or even try Weight Watchers. My insurance will fully cover that.

    so now that I have shared my life story, please send me requests for friends! I haven't figured out/remembered how to do so. And I'm on my phone so its not as easy as it once was. For me anyway!

    Starting weight: 381lbs (February 2018)
    Current weight: 363lbs
    Goal #1: 350lbs by June 15. Thats my 39th birthday
    Goal #2: 325lbs by Thanksgiving
    Goal#3: 285lbs by March 7, 2019 (wedding anniversary -- a must have goal)
    Goal#4: 260lbs by June 15... 40Th birthday
    Goal #5: 230lbs by Thanksgiving 2019
    FINAL GOAL: 190lbs by March 7, 2019

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    Hi guys, I'm CJ. I'm a full time maths teacher and care for both my disabled parents outside of that. I actually got down to 115kgs (about 255lbs) 3 years ago, but my health quickly took a backseat (a far, far backseat) to my parents health issues when I became their permanent carer in January of 2016. Dad had just had major back surgery, and had recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons and Mum was recovering from a major fall due to her MS. As a result of the huge amounts of stress and just a lack of time, I found that I gained little bits here and there until suddenly I stepped on the scales and they read a shocking 144.2kg (318lbs). It was a slap in the face. I'd always been big, but this was too much to deal with. I started keto on January 22nd this year
    and have finally seen some results.

    Starting weight: 144.2kg (318lbs)
    Weight now: 133.2kg (295.9lbs)
    July 3rd 2018 [first holiday in 3 years!!!!]: 125kg (275.6lbs)
    Christmas 2018: 104.2kgs (229.7lbs)
    May 25th 2019 [32 years old]: 90kg (198.4lbs)
    Christmas 2019: 75kg (165.4lbs)
    May 25th 2020 [33 years old, ultimate goal]: 61kg (135lbs)
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    spidey8 wrote: »
    @renedalynn Sounds like you’re doing great! I’m happy for you! Good luck on your journey!

    I weigh myself pretty much daily which I don’t know if it is good or bad. Because it can be very encouraging but then disappointing when I feel I’ve done everything right but there’s no loss. But it’s not like you’re going to lose weight everyday. Thinking of starting to weigh myself weekly instead. See how that works out.

    I weigh myself daily and make adjustments. You have to do what will keep you sane. When I weigh in the morning, the number helps me plan my day. Will I fast longer or eat lighter or increase my fat or track more closely? I'm ok with daily weigh ins. Other people might not.
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    My goal is to lose enough weight to be 145 too but today I ate potato chips toasted Donut from Dunkin Donuts and some cola this seems impossible.