HOW did you lose the weight??? Do you get asked that all the time?

Does anyone else often get asked how they lost weight? It continues to surprise me how curious people are about how I lost weight - it's as if they are expecting some neat and easy answer apart from eating less food!


  • GOT_Obsessed
    GOT_Obsessed Posts: 817 Member
    ImmeDay wrote: »
    They really want a quick trick, they don't want to know how hard we worked, they hope we can give them some shortcut

  • hesn92
    hesn92 Posts: 5,967 Member
    Diet and exercise lol. Yes it’s funny. They are expecting some magic short cut or pill
  • DananaNanas
    DananaNanas Posts: 665 Member
    I don't get asked this (yet?) lol but this thread made me lol
  • urloved33
    urloved33 Posts: 3,325 Member
    daily walking, healthy meals and lifting.
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