Plantar Fasciitis.... tips?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot (self diagnosed, but I’ve had it before so pretty sure that’s what it is).
I’ve kind of just pushed through but it’s been pretty uncomfortable. May end up going to the Dr yet but I think that last time I had it, I was just told that it would go away on its own and just to rest it. Pretty hard to do that at work though- I usually have to be reasonably active during the day.

Who’s had this before? And what has helped? I’ve bought some insoles which I use, and put ice on it in the evening.... but any other tips would be appreciated, because it’s starting to limit my movement more than I would like!


  • mkculs
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    If you can see an orthopedic doctor and get fitted for inserts, do that. The over-the-counter ones can help, but fitted ones make a bigger difference. Also, look online for exercises for your feet, and do them!! Finally, I get a lot of relief from massaging my own feet after a run/walk. It doesn't feel as good during the massage as when someone else does it, but the after-effect is the same.

    I wish I could find someone who just LOVED massaging my feet! :)
  • rileyes
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    Strasberg sock and “fashionable” Crocs.
  • MissMaggieMuffin
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    Used a night splint - same idea as the Strassburg sock - and has good results with that.
  • Leannep2201
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    Just had to google a Strasburg sock.... will have to see if I can get one, but wow they don’t look like they’re cheap in my country!
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    I did the frozen water bottle and a lacrose ball but what reallly helped me was a ball you can buy that has a bunch of little knobby things on it...don’t remember the name but I think it helped to break things up...also the Strauss sock worked very well for me
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    jwcannon70 wrote: »
    When I suffer from it, I use to freeze a bottled water. When it was frozen, I would lay it on the floor and roll my foot over it in a back and forth motion. This helped me a lot.

    This ^^^ I would also roll a tennis ball under my feet. That helped me.

    I did this as well as using a regular can (like canned peas) and rolling it under my feet. Helped a ton. I googled exercises and they really did help. At the time, I worked on my feet all day and it was excruciating at times but another thing that helped me very much was wearing shoes or sandals by Keen brand. I don't know what the fit issue was that helped me so much but I do know I've stuck with their sandals for hiking and walking for years and very rarely have any foot pain. Good luck!

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    Last year I hsd one snap on me bad enough, that I was literally out of work for several months. Not fun. In fact, that was what caused me to to really start taking this weight and excercise stuff seriously. I LOVE my job, and cannot stand the thought of losing it to getting injured again just for being fat and out of shape. I'd already had to quit grooming for a similar reason.
    The inserts, well padded shoes (inserts go on top of pads, or the pads will mess up the shape) icy foot baths to bring down swelling, and look up excercises for strengthening and loosening foot, leg and plantar muscles. Many of them can easily be done during the day at work or in front of the tv. And if you do feel a snap DO NOT IGNORE IT, you can easily permanently injure yourself if it snaps and does not heal correctly.
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    Definitely roll a tennis ball for several minutes multiple times per day. Calf stretch with a folded towel beneath your first two toes is also good. If it continues a physical therapist (or physio depending where you're from) can work wonders.
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    Wow, thanks for all the replies! I’ll keep going with the ice and will look into a night spring or something. Will try the frozen water bottle and tennis ball. Unfortunately I’m intolerant to NSAIDs so can’t take ibuprofen, but some great suggestions here! Thanks all!
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    I did ALL of these things to treat plantars fasciitis, but I did not get permanent relief until I lost significant weight.
    The stretching exercises (toe stretch) I would do throughout the day at my desk, whenever I would feel a twinge.

    Please don't motor through ignoring it next time. Doing this just inflames it further and delays healing (which can take over a year).
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    Ultimately time fixed it for me.

    However I wear sneakers most of the time and suportive lace up shoes for work. I have orthotics but prefer the comfort of running shoes/sneakers. My podiatrist told me as long as I wear supportive shoes most of the time I can wear other shoes 10% of the time. I was told to ice my feet by everyone but one podiatrist I saw told me not to massage the feet or rub a ball on the sole as the plantar fasciitis is not a muscle and it could aggravate any tears which might be causing the pain.

    Whilst I’m completely pain free at the moment, a few weeks ago I went on the running machine for three days in one week and could feel mild plantar fasciitis which took a week of no running to go away. I can’t help but feel it will always be in the background and my feet will always require ongoing “maintenance”.
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    Are you a runner? If you are there is great book called Ready to Run which focused a lot on foot health and managing foot related injuries with lots of good mobility drills.

    A tennis ball might be a little bit too big for good myofascial release of the feet. People usually recommend a slightly smaller ball - i always have a bouncy ball that they like to sell at the checkout of sports stores which is a good multipurpose tool.
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    In addition to the above I was initially prescribed a compression sock for 3 months all day off for sleep. Then transitioned to wearing for exercise only. That was by a podiatrist.
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    I find that the splint is more comfortable than a Strasburg sock but YMMV. One thing I have also found to help are PF socks from Feetures. They are very supportive through the arch.!

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    Bear less weight on it, sit more, lose weight it will prevent it.
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    Magnesium and kalsium could help. YouTube also have some great excersizes før it
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    Stretching, ice (freeze water in a water bottle and then roll your foot on it), ibuprofen. Mine was so bad I had to go to the doctor and get a shot. He also told me to not wear flip flops, or sandals, but a good athletic shoe, all the time.