Should I eat less carbs?

Slu13 Posts: 44 Member
So my friend has lost 2 stone but cutting out carbs, she has lots of weight to loose whereas I only have 1 stone. Should I be reducing my carb intake to help speed weight loss? I do like my mash and jacket potatoes :(


  • gamerbabe14
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    Your friend didn't lose weight from cutting carbs, she lost weight by cutting calories. Cutting carbs helped her weight loss to happen quickly initially as lowering her carb intake would have made her lose water weight. Her lower carb intake had no impact on her rate of fat loss... Except for reducing her calories.

    This! Also, don't compare yourself to anybody.
  • PokeyBug
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    I wouldn't worry about too much about limiting a particular macro (carbs, proteins, or fat). Just make sure you're eating a balanced diet with a reasonable (read: not too large or too small) calorie deficit and sufficient exercise, and you'll be fine. I can understand getting frustrated because your friend is losing at a faster pace, but that only means that she has found what works for her. Apparently, something different works for you, and since you say you love certain carbohydrate-rich foods, trying to cut them sounds like it would be a losing proposition for you. I know it was for me, lol. I'll give up cake and ice cream, etc., but no one had better touch my potatoes!
  • ljashley1952
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    I have been in a similar situation. Simply reducing fats and increasing vegetables has not worked well for me. I am now working on cutting carbs and going with some fats, protein foods, vegetables and fruit. I just got going on this a few days ago and I don't want to weigh more than once weekly. I guess, I would say to try it and see what works for you. Some people do well on vegetarian/vegan diets, others do well on paleo and other plans that allow more fats and less carbs. Try cutting carbs for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Just make sure you are getting enough fats and proteins.