Quitting Logging Milestone

Today is the day. I will continue to weigh myself daily and track my weight. I will continue to use these forums and your wisdom for support. But I’m not going to log my food or track my calories while I’m in my maintenance range.

This is an awesome tool, but the logging part is keeping me in a “diet” mentality that I very much want to be free from. It feels like I’m flying blind — Wish me luck friends.


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    Best of wishes sent your way.....

    And, I agree. I do not use MFP for logging of anything. I use another method that works just swell for me. Everyone is different.
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    Jaimeclmt wrote: »
    Great job! It took me a year and a half after I hit my goal to stop logging (just stopped a couple months ago), but I still track dinner just to keep things in check. I kinda figure my running will keep my calories balanced, and so far it's working. :)

    Good to hear Jamie. It’s been about a year and a half in maintenance for me too. Thanks for the feedback.
  • CarvedTones
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    I may try it again, but not for a while. Weighing yourself daily makes it sound less risky. I hope it goes well for you!
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    I have experimented with trying to guess weight before putting it on the scale or trying to get out the right portion before weighing it and I can be off quite a bit. I am pretty good at cooked chicken often guessing within a couple of tenths of an ounce. I can pour a serving of cereal and be off 30%. I am almost embarrassed to say how far off I was on fresh pineapple; it was nearly double what I thought. Watermelon about 50% higher than I guessed. Those would be nearly harmless for most people but I eat a lot of fruit and melon and pineapple are a couple of my favorites. I get pretty close with apples and bananas. I usually serve myself too little rice or potatoes. I could easily be a couple of hundred off on a meal. I was off a hundred calories on a single piece of very rich chocolate cake a few days ago (Publix chocolate lover's delight; worth making room in the calorie budget on some rare special occasions).

    EDIT - I logged the right amount on all these. I just tried guessing without weighing first.
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    Good luck! I am kinda halfway done logging lol. I do a lazy form of logging m-f (I don’t weigh and measure, just estimate) and then don’t log at all on the weekends. One of these days I hope to not log at all but it is a nice tool
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    Good luck, you got this! Glad you’re staying around here :)
  • elisa123gal
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    I'm losing weight not logging... i hate it.. it's great to do for a while for self education on calories. but.. does make food a hassle and it should be a joy. i've seen you posting good advice for a long time now.. i hope not logging works for you and you can be more free.
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    Sending well wishes your way! I hope the not logging works out well.
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    Congrarulations! I reached my goal weight (gaining) right before I went on vacation in March, so I just stopped logging since. I am still gaining a bit, but I am fine with that since I know exactly where I can make tweaks overtime. It's so liberating, and I hope it works for you!
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    Awesome! I tried mindful eating in March and ended losing weight so I went back to logging. I want to try mindful eating again here soon. Good luck!