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Maintainers Weekly Check-In June 2018



  • stephenearllucasstephenearllucas Member Posts: 255 Member Member Posts: 255 Member
    ryenday wrote: »
    Thank you for the July thread, @stephenearllucas ! Have a wonderful vacation!

    You're welcome, and thanks!
  • ItsAJournyItsAJourny Member Posts: 62 Member Member Posts: 62 Member
    Name: Bella
    Age: 60
    Height: 5'5"
    Total weight lost: 37 pounds
    Time it took to lose: 6 months
    How long in maintenance: 2 months
    Maintenance weight range: 127-132
    Average weight recorded from 2018 (12 months): NA

    Average weight recorded from January: 134 (was not in maintenance yet)
    Average weight recorded from February: 131.8
    Average weight recorded from March: 130.7
    Average weight recorded from April: 130.4
    Average weight recorded from May: 130.8

    Week of...
    3rd June: on vacation – did not weigh
    10th June: - 131.1
    17th June:
    24th June:

    Success/struggles of the week: On vacation since May 31st, celebrating graduations and a big family wedding. Very happy to still be in my range and to be able to enjoy good food with family and friends. Another family reunion next weekend so I am hoping I continue to stay on track. Have a good week everyone!
  • firecat1987firecat1987 Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    how many of these threads are there? I'll just hop on the july one when it starts...
  • nowine4menowine4me Member, Premium Posts: 3,986 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,986 Member
    Hi maintainers! I’ve been on vacay since June 1, but will be back in the states next week. Visited Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. My daily gelatos, wine, bread and pasta have likely not worked in my favor, but it’s been a lovely trip. Will wait a few days after I get back to weigh. I swear, just flying adds 5 pounds.
  • pkweierpkweier Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    how many of these threads are there? I'll just hop on the july one when it starts...

    This is the June 2018 post there is one for 2019
  • mph323mph323 Member Posts: 3,481 Member Member Posts: 3,481 Member
    Hahaha - no wonder the dates were off! :D
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