What was your "moment" that pushed you to begin your weight loss journey?

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What made you realize that you had to lose weight and get healthy?

For me, my moment was when I realized I could no longer stand for an extended amount of time without any sort of pain. It was embarrassing and quite frankly miserable. Simple things like standing around a bonfire were excruciating.

What was your "click" moment? Anything specific, or was it a culmination of things?


  • thmheh
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    Just got back from vacation, we usually do a lot of small hikes. For the first time ever I had to let my husband and daughter go on to one of the destination points without me because it was too steep. Going to hike the Grand Canyon next year, so if I don't drop at least 50 by spring, I may not be able to.
  • Diatonic12
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    Pain is the precursor to change. I started in 2014 and it took well over 2 years but there's no such thing as the finish line with the maintenance.
  • rolandmuts
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    Doc told me i needed to lose weight because of high blood pressure. I don't want to get caught up in the health insurance system to pop more pills to counteract this. So let's see if i'm in time to let Nature help me out.
  • Stephlamon89
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    I stepped on the scale and saw the highest weight I've ever been. I've been teetering around 200 for about 7 years but this is the first time I haven't been able to keep control. I have to get healthier before my health gets worse.
  • roderick2464
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    Thay said my knees needed to be replaced and I said well who is going to take of my 80 yr old mom with bad problems so lose 80-100 pnds
    And well that's were im at srarted 330 may 25 today 311 With help from phentermine 37.3 &topamax premier protein shakes could lose more if I quit drinking lol like that gonna happen well might have to liver pretty hammered from what the scan said say la ve :'(
  • MarziPanda95
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    My 'moment' was when I realised I could. I was hospitalised a few years ago for a couple of days. Not for anything to do with my weight - my immune system was attacking my blood platelets. But whilst in hospital I was too nervous to eat much. I realised I'd gotten through the day on a normal amount of food. I realised I could survive on that amount of food without being particularly hungry. Plus, I was 95kg. They gave me oral steroids, 1mg per kg of body weight. Except they only had them in 5mg tablets. Anyone who has ever had prednisone knows how gross those little pills taste! And I had to down like 20 a day! I vowed that if my ITP ever got bad enough that I had to take steroids again, it wouldn't be 95mg.
  • PangPangPrincess109
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    The big moment was when I was in the doctor's office. She had just officially diagnosed me with PCOS, then gave me a booklet that could tell me all about it. I skimmed through it, but suddenly came across the section about how it could potentially cause infertility (worst case scenario, but I didn't want to take that chance). That same visit, I'd clocked at a whopping 287lbs and knew this was time to make changes.
  • kettiecat
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    Husband signed up for a Spartan race and wanted me to do the smaller Warrior Dash with him for a future “date night”.
  • CarvedTones
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    Candid photo in profile without my gut sucked in.
  • ford0605
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    Mine was a series of "aha" moments that all kind of came together. I was a few months from finishing grad school (read: no exercise and many drive thru meals) last October when my dad had a heart attack. He's made a remarkable transformation, but I still wasn't ready to commit. A few months later in February, I learned I had Hashimoto's and needed to get my weight under control if I wanted a second healthy pregnancy in the future. My endocrinologist offered to jump start my journey with adipex in April. He wrote it for 3 months but I only took it about 5 weeks. While it was a great start to knocking off the weight, I've been off of it for a few weeks and I've never felt better! I owe my mindset and dedication to the example my dad has set. When people ask what I've been doing to lose, I just reply, "trying not to die of a heart attack". I'm down 20# and training for a 5K with my dad in August!
  • amusedmonkey
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    It was a series of events. The person who walked our dog was busy, so I decided to walk him myself. It took me 2 minutes to be out of breath and I huffed and puffed my way back home cutting the walk short.

    This event made me more aware of how hard it was for me to get up, That standing on my tiptoes to reach for something was something I couldn't do (the weight just pulled me back down), not being able to breathe properly when I tied my shoes, and many such things.

    Later that week I had my annual checkup, and my blood sugar came out too high. If there is one thing I absolutely hate it's to have to limit my food choices. The idea of having to control carbs my whole life in order to avoid or delay some of the scariest things that could happen with uncontrolled diabetes made me decide that was it.

    And here I am, my first (and hopefully last) dieting attempt. Blood sugar normal now and I can run.
  • FibroHiker
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    First time: I looked at my youngest child who was then 7 years old and said, "I can't blame this extra weight on pregnancy any more."

    This time: The pain in my joints and not being able to move freely, unable to do little things like reach under the sink to retrieve an item from the cabinet.
  • KKishaA
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    When my scrubs got too tight. Then it occurred to me the only things in my closet I could wear anymore were stretch pants. No bruno.
  • AveriaKyle
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    When i was rejected by someone for being fat and flabby. So, i wanted to be fit and toned and watch her eat back her words one day.
  • tonianne730
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    When my big pants started getting tight!