What was your "moment" that pushed you to begin your weight loss journey?



  • estherdragonbat
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    I got a genuine obesity-related health issue. Not one that gets as much attention as heart attacks or T2D, but the veins in my legs collapsed under the strain of my class three obesity. My extra weight was (as I understand it from the vascular surgeon) compressing my lymph ducts. So, when I got some sort of cut or scrape or bug-bite on my leg, first I developed cellulitus. Then lymphedema, culminating in 1) a weeping wound on my leg that required daily nurse visits for dressing changes, 2) being banned from walking during the couple of months before I got to see a vascular surgeon because all my GP knew for sure was that I had an infection, the leg had to stay cool, and moving around would warm it up. 3) Multiple courses of antibiotics. Which frankly scared me because the one that did the trick? Apparently was about the only one that the bacteria was susceptible to. Which left me worried that more infections would lead to my building up a tolerance to the treatment. (At this point, I tell my doctors not to prescribe me antibiotics unless I actually need them, but not 'Well, we don't know yet if this is an infection or a virus, but we can start you on antibiotics now, just in case').

    Oh, and also, this condition can be managed, not cured. The treatment? Compression stockings and weight loss. I decided I didn't want my life to be swollen infected legs and building my day around when the nurse was coming to visit. (It seems minor unless you're dealing with it, but because the dressing couldn't get wet, I had to time my showers for when I knew the nurse was on their way. And every now and again, the call would be 'I'm just pulling into your driveway now; are you home?' Which meant having to put the shower off until tomorrow.)
  • Emlorraine1
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    I stepped on the scale. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained until I checked. Been working on my weight since then.
  • snickerscharlie
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    When painting my toenails left me breathless.
  • peachvine29
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    I was sent to a liver specialist due to very very slightly elevated liver enzymes. My doctor thought that it was due to autoimmune liver disease. The specialist told me I probably had a fatty liver and needed to lose some weight. I was about 55 pounds overweight and had been overweight a long time. That made me get serious about losing weight, though I tried in the past through eliminating food groups, which didn't work very consistently. That was the first time a doctor told me I needed to lose weight for my health, and I started thinking about it as more than a cosmetic issue. I am happy to say I am down 25 pounds since then!
  • mamasara2
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    Realizing I was larger than most of the people in my family. These are people who would point at me seven years ago and say "she's got her stuff together." Now they all look at me sideways and try to push fad diets my way.

    I'm chronically tired too. Ready for that to stop.

    So many self help gurus out there go on and on about how weight has nothing to do with self esteem. BS. I had much higher self esteem when I was thin.

    But this time, I want to be thin and fit. Before, I was thin but not fit.
  • str8bowbabe
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    Damn full length mirrored closet doors right across from the shower! But hey it worked!
  • Bendiz_
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    The thing that really made me do it is kinda silly. I was trying on rugged light blue jeans and it really made me realize how much I had gained and how much it impacted my choice in clothes. I'm not gonna let my weight define what kind of clothing I wear, this is the end of that. I used to wear hoodies everyday, but now I'm getting more feminine clothes that compliments my body more. My confidence is coming back and I own rugged light blue jeans now, so it works for me :smiley:
  • iRyanS
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    Thanks for sharing these stories, all. Very inspiring and eye opening, and I hope that you all find initial and prolonged success in your journey.

    Feel free to add me as well if you're looking for any support/tips/motivation.
  • makkimakki2018
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    When every woman around you wants a thin but slightly toned Jpop/Kpop star boyfriend. I realized I needed to transform into the ideal.
  • StephCain1990
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    Going clothes shopping and having to go up a size- AGAIN (which even then was tight!) I'm still in the bigger size now but they're getting looser aha.
  • WynterDreaming
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    I've noticed for a while that my clothes were getting tighter, I was having more problems with my back and knees. Everyone laughed because at 24, I shouldn't be having those problems. But I was. On Thursday, I convinced my mom to go to a local weight watchers meeting and I promised her I would go with her. I got on that scale and seeing my weight was...terrifying. I was getting lazy and at over 250 pounds, I could easily see myself getting to 300 or more. I didn't want that. So something had to change and I had to be the one to change it.
  • z4oslo
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    A little over 2 years ago I overate on Pizza, like overating so much I couldnt move for like 2 hours. There and then I decided to lose weight, and never have the feeling of overeating again. Next day I bought a scale and it showed 99 kg (218 pounds)
    I started to eat less and do a daily 5 km walk, and 3 months later I started the C25K program, still running today 5 x week.

    I never tracked my calories, but went from 100 kg to about 67 kg in the next 12 months.
  • Leannep2201
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    For me it’s wanting to have another baby, since my first turns 12 next month! We’ve been trying to conceive for 4 year now, I have PCOS, but I know that being overweight makes it harder to conceive too.
    We conceived a couple of years ago but I miscarried, and as I got closer and closer to 35yrs old, I started to lose hope, fearing that age was also going to be against me. Then my Dr referred me for fertility treatment, and I found out that if I lost weight, I’d qualify for a certain treatment that would greatly improve my chances of having the baby we desperately long for.

    So here I am, 22kg (about 46lb I think?) down now, and not far from the goal my fertility Dr set for me. 😊
  • waytoofat3
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    An *kitten* at work called me Rob Ford,the morbidly obese,crack smoking,now deceased former mayor of Toronto.