Cross fit? Elite training?

I'm looking for something to firm and tone my body. Gym seshs aren't working for me as I go by myself, I'm lazy and don't want to go, and I don't know what I'm doing. And no, "looking things up" didn't work either because I still felt like what if I'm wasting my time when I could have someone tell me exactly what I need to do.

Personal trainers here seem to only work out of gym facilities. I've tried two and they were not focused on my goals, only the money for the gym. They were not helpful which was dissapointing.

I'm interested in group classes cause I know I'll feel accountability in going to those.

Any opinions on CrossFit vs an elite fitness training center workout? Basically I just need to firm everything, and I want to make as much progress as I can before April of next year.

I've already got the diet part down. Just looking for workouts.


  • sardelsa
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    I'm not sure if you consider this looking things up, but here is a list of great lifting programs you can follow to give you some direction in the gym:

    I am not very familiar with CrossFit but if you want more a community, motivation and support, it is worth trying out. I know it can be pricey so that might be a drawback.

  • antennachick
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    I would try crossfit in your area...some offer a free week..its a community so more encouragement to get in there and get the workout done!
  • ISweat4This
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    You should try CrossFit. It's a supportive community and your strength and endurance will increase if you are consistent with your workouts.
  • notarunnermfp
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    I’m not familiar with Elite Fitness, but CrossFit does offer a great community aspect which can be motivating, as well as coaches who will instruct you on movements you aren’t familiar with.
    For general fitness and improving body comp crossfit could be a great choice.
    If you are looking for more serious muscle building that is tailored to body comp goals, you’d probably be better off doing a bodybuilding /hypertrophy program. I’ve heard of many people who are not satisfied with their body comp from crossfit alone, and are much happier after adding or switching to a hypertrophy focused program. (This is usually people who are more advanced and looking to do a muscle building phase. If you’re just getting started you will probably see some great changes just from getting consistent with resistance training.)
  • rybo
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    I am a BIG fan of crossfit, but do your research on any places you plan to attend. The community aspect sounds like it would be a huge factor in your consistency going to workout.
  • valligraves
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I've got an entry session on Thursday.
  • dmille2
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    Running for me is the best way to stay lean and toned. Especially speed work. Good luck
  • GiddyupTim
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    Hooray for Crossfit!
    Much fun.
    Designed to push you harder than you would push yourself in a lonely gym where no one else is paying attention.
    Hits all the bases -- cardio, strength, flexibility, etc. (Maybe not perfectly, but well enough.)