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Thoughts on bikini competitors?



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    If it requires that you pay for entry or for coaching to prep for a contest...beware a scam. This isn't too dissimilar from those people who used to grab teens at the mall in the 80's and tell them that they have a future in modeling in order to get them to sign up with their 'agency' and pay for head shots.

    That said, if your head is on straight and you know that it won't make you develop any body/eating/exercise issues, etc. then go for it. Might be fun.

    You always have to pay for entry. Every stage competitor I know has a coach as well. But yeah, I'd definitely look into it more and likely talk to some of the people being coached by these coaches and go to some shows before I committed to anything.

    So you have to pay for entry for a bunch of people to look at you half naked...? Yikes!

    Another, perhaps more positive and less demeaning/insulting, way to look at it would be that you pay for entry for the chance to show the pride you have in the body you've built, and to compare the results of your hard work and dedication against others who have put in similar hard work and dedication.

    It's not everybody's thing, but it's some people's thing. And IMO they don't deserve derision for it.

    Thank you Anvil.
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    I think we all need to re-read Dietland.

    @geneticsteacher I read Dietland last month! Started a thread in Debate because I figured it would be contentious, but it didn't get much traction: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10665729/dietland-book-and-amc-series

    Would love if more people participated there.
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    I recommend checking out Kara Corey on Youtube. She is a pro bikini competitor and has a TON of amazing content. I was interested in competing, but decided (after watching her videos) that it's not for me - but she obviously loves the sport and is extremely knowledgeable. I know that my relationship with food is too fragile to survive a competition prep, and I have a family that I love too much to be constantly snapping at them in a hangry state for 16 weeks. : ) But I'm truly fascinated and impressed by all that goes into it. It definitely isn't just throwing on a bikini and strutting around. Good luck to you, whatever you decide!

    Yes, ma'am! Kara and "Shredded Jesus" are a great couple. I am subscribed to her youtube channel. Just watched her new video yesterday. She is a competitor and a coach and a registered dietician. She has a lot of amazing content and some 'common sense' things about this lifestyle. She is a class act (I would say). Great suggestion. Lots of others out there, too! But she is a great suggestion.
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    Seems like a step in the right direction as far as getting more women interested in weight lifting albeit with a heavy emphasis on training glutes (not quite balanced overall, but it's a more specific form of bodybuilding similar to mens' physique - v taper emphasis - but not quite balanced as mens' classic - v taper & symmetry emphasis). It's a more toned down version of womens' figure - higher BF% is normal.

    I think often too many take things to an extreme and overdo it on cardio rather than focus on weight training. Can be unhealthy/obsessive if you allow it to be
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    Following... interested as well