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Thoughts on bikini competitors?



  • UKWildcatDave
    UKWildcatDave Posts: 15 Member
    If you choose to give it a try, good luck. My wife started competing earlier this year, with encouragement from a coworker who competes. There are different federations you can join and each have their own rules/guidelines for posing. Find a local competition and go see what it is like. As far as costs, there is the fee to join a federation, contest fees (novice, open, master, etc.), drug test, tanning, makeup, hair and competition suit. There are also travel costs involved if competitions are out of town.
    For each of the competitions my wife has done, they are very different depending on the show promoter. Her experiences have been largely positive (sometimes you just don't know what the judges are looking for).
  • gia_incognito
    gia_incognito Posts: 103 Member
    My mom competes and loves it. She's almost 60. Good luck!