Lose 5lbs in August 2018



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    Happy Sunday, everyone!

    No, I didn't see a 199 number yet...but it will happen soon. I am really pleased with my progress this month, it is the best one in a long while.

    Vacation coming September 1st, planning how not to undo this...there will be food... Going to visit my Mom, she lives on the third floor...perhaps stairs instead of elevator may help offset inevitable extra calories... I am sure we will be doing a fair amount of walking too. I need to plan so I don't undo my progress.

    I bought a new pair of jeans this week. First new pair in a few years, my existing jeans are way too big now.

    Size 16 regular!!! The smallest ones since I can't remember when. They look nice on me too. Woot! I am wearing clothes I have had not been ab!e to wear for a long time and somehow never donated in hopes they would fit again.

    The jeans I am retiring are size 20W and they were getting snug before I resolved to make a change. They were pretty baggy the last time I wore them in the spring. The biggest ones I ever wore were 24W back in 1999 and I kept them as a reminder that I never wanted to wear them again.

    Highest weight ever: 254 in October 1999.

    Lowest since 1999: 195.

    Original starting weight: 243 in 2015.

    MFP Starting weight December 25th, 2016: 233

    Goal: 180 in however long it takes.

    Weekly averages:

    July 30th to August 5th: 202.4
    August 6th to August 12th: 201.7
    August 13th to August 19th: 200.8

    Loss for August: 1.6 lbs. Yippee!

    MFP Loss: 32.2 lbs.

    Total cumulative loss since mid 2015: 42.2 lbs.

    Until next week,

    Move more, eat less.


    I'm about to throw a 'You go girl in Onderland' party for you---im so excited! Lol. So close, Jenn! Get 'er done!