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What Do YOU consider maintenance?

aimeetuaimeetu Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
How far from your goal weigh do you get before you consider it not maintenance? As a reformed WW member I have a 2 lb fluctuation in my head but I feel like that is too little - I can gain 2lbs from PMS!! Also I am 5 lbs from "goal weight" but I am worried when I get to the magic number I won't have anything to strive for anymore. Help!


  • saragd012saragd012 Posts: 706Member Member Posts: 706Member Member
    Mine is 5# as well. Within 5# I know it's just a normal fluctuation, but anything greater (in either direction) means I need to either reduce or add calories and consider re-adjusting if I feel that it's no longer aligning with my actual TDEE.
  • kommodevarankommodevaran Posts: 17,960Member Member Posts: 17,960Member Member
    I consider my goal weight 55-58 kilos, which would be a range of around 7 pounds. I will watch the trend and take action when I see it rising. I will just relax more when I see it decreasing.
  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 27,598Member Member Posts: 27,598Member Member
    Yeah, five pounds for me.
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,401Member Member Posts: 5,401Member Member
    yea, roughly 5lbs here too. I think it's important to have other goals that way when you get to your "magic number" you won't just go back to your old ways. I like to have fitness goals instead.
  • Diem78Diem78 Posts: 1,719Member Member Posts: 1,719Member Member
    5 lb fluctuations are "normal" for me as I tend to retain a lot of water w/ increased sodium intake and during my cycle. *Edit to add the word increased.
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  • kgirlhartkgirlhart Posts: 3,065Member Member Posts: 3,065Member Member
    I have a 5 pound maintenance range.
  • OhMsDivaOhMsDiva Posts: 1,044Member Member Posts: 1,044Member Member
    I like to stay in a 15 lb range. If I get close to that top number then I know I have to tighten up. What happens when I tighten up is that I end up losing more weight than I want to so I am working on finding a happy medium.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,637Member Member Posts: 2,637Member Member
    rainbow198 wrote: »
    Although I'm more focused on body composition and my fitness level, maintaining a 10 pound range year round is my happy place.

    It works great for me mentally too. I don't stress when I'm up a few pounds during the holidays and the winter time. But I do have to watch that I don't go below my range in the summer.

    This works for me too. And my bottom range has gradually increased over time as I've put on muscle.
  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,196Member Member Posts: 3,196Member Member
    2 1/2 lb trend in either direction (a day or 2 here and there over or under doesn't count and won't cause me to tighten up on calories). This works because water fluctuations for me tend to be no more than a lb or so, and my days are fairly routine outside of vacations and occasional special events.
  • Mouse_PotatoMouse_Potato Posts: 1,167Member Member Posts: 1,167Member Member
    I give myself a 2-3 pound range, but then my weight doesn't fluctuate very much. If I suddenly gain 5 pounds either I've been way over my calories or I just had a sodium and carb blowout. Either way, it doesn't come as a surprise.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 10,523Member Member Posts: 10,523Member Member
    After having lost from obese through overweight to the lower end of normal, I consider maintenance to be anything that happens in approximately the lower side of the normal BMI range for my height, as long as my health markers (BP, cholesterol, etc.) stay normal. (I wouldn't say that if my body type were different. BMI 18.5 is lower than I'd like to be, not ideal, but not crazy unhealthy with my build.) Maintenance has included one period of intentional gain (overshot goal), and some intentional losses.
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 972Member Member Posts: 972Member Member
    Great insights here!
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