Over 50 Husband and wife 150+ lbs weight lost

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Hey guys, I just wanted to check in and let you know we are still going strong. To date, we have lost over 150 lbs - I started at 372 and have lost 78 lbs with 50 + more to go. My wife started at 243 and have lost 75 lbs - she wants to lose another 25-30 lbs. To my over 50 group, be encouraged you can do it. I thought due to my age that the weight would not come off; however, consistency, dedication, and prayer brings about amazing results. We have adopted a new healthy lifestyle of eating and exercising. i0uvmlwbpj26.jpg


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    DUDE! And.....LADY! MUCH MUCH MUCH RESPECT! Yes....yelling a little bit. That is freaking awesome. We all make excuses "Oh, since I am older it is sooooo much harder" (and similar). No excuses with you two! Awesome sauce! Just results!
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    This is amazing!!! Way to go!!
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    That is awesome work. I'm hopeful that over 50 I can still lose the weight. You guys are so inspirational.
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    Great job
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    Thanks for posting an update. You guys look fabulous!!! Isn’t it fun to have a partner in your lifestyle change!!
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    YOU GUYS ARE EPIC!!! Congrats!!! :smiley:
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    Absolutely positively W o:) W...just mega W o:) W! Gwon witcha bad selves, as we used to say! What's also tremendously impressive is how sharp y'all are too. You guys are looking like a million bucks--TAX FREE. Plus you and your wife are looking so much younger, y'all's after pics look like you're your own kids--WOW! All Glory to God and Thank you Jesus, cause y'all look "born again" literally--BOOM!!!!!

    ETA: What an amazing example you and your sweetieheart are being to those watching your lives--WOW!!! Go head on!
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    What an inspiration!
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    You guys rock!!
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    Incredible ... you both look fantastic
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    Wowza! Love, Love, Love! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story — such a blessing!
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    Bravo! I'm sure you both are much happier and energetic. It hard to lose in our age group! Keep going strong!
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    WOW and congrats!🌞
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    You are the TRUE power couple!!!
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    You both look amazing!
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    Maaayyyne both of y'all look good.
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    Oh my goodness, you both aged BACKWARDS! You both look so great, seriously, great work!
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    Wow what an amazing testimony. You both look great.
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    62 and as you can see I'm just getting started but Philippians 4:13. I'm married 30 years and hitting the gym hard, with my babe. You are an inspiration!
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    You two are amazing! 👏