What to do after overeating

Hello, All. I pray everyone is well!!

I am usually not one to expose myself like this nor resort to media to seek advice, but, nonetheless, here I am. Let me say now that I appreciate any genuine, realistic advice and knowledge from any of your personal experience you are willing to share. Please forgive me if I fail to be brief with my concerns (I am also not one to be concise!!).


I do not need to lose weight, but my goal is to not gain any -- specifically fat. I am disgusted and ashamed to admit that this week I overate -- I mean, I consumed at least twice my caloric needs on multiple days. Not that this makes it any less bad, but I overate very few processed foods; the bulk were whole foods. To no surprise, I feel not only physically gross, but emotionally and mentally. I really do not want to experience any "rebound" weight gain, but I feel as if I've set myself up for just that, and I am at a loss as to what to do now.

So, I suppose my question is if there is anything I could possibly do to mitigate or counteract all the overeating for the week to NOT gain any weight. What do you think the maximum "rebound" will be from my poor decisions? Do you recommend I fast at all, eat significantly less to try to compensate? What would likely happen if I just forgive myself, act as if my slate is clean, then pick up my usual routine tomorrow, without trying to compensate for overdoing it all this week?

Again, I apologize for being a burden. I ask anyone who reads all of this to please be kind in sharing any advice they have. I sincerely appreciate it.

God bless you All!!


  • sytchequeen
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    What they said ^^^

    I had a shocking day on Saturday - and suffered a morning of self recrimination the day after. But I didn't do anything other than eat how I "normally should", and there is no harm done. It's difficult to forgive yourself sometimes, but punishing yourself will not fix anything.
  • Seffell
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    People who naturally maintain a healthy weight without counting eat more on some days and less on others. I wouldn't think much of what you did last week. I'd just go on a deficit for several days.
  • shaf238
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    You'll be fine. Just get back to your 'normal'.
  • hesn92
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    Just go back to normal, you'll be fine. It's not like you're going to gain 10lbs in a week from overeating.
  • elsie6hickman
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    Have to echo, forgive yourself and move on.
  • Crafty_camper123
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    Yup forgive, and move on. To add though, if this is a chronic problem for you, instead of beating yourself up, ask yourself why? Figuring out the root cause of why you overate can be helpful to reduce occurrences in the future. Were you stressed? Bored? Was the food just too tasty to step away from? Super hungry?

    Stress or boredom- find something else you enjoy to channel your energy to.
    Food too good?- If it's a trigger food (food you have a hard time moderating) Limit your access to it. Or serve yourself, and immediately put away leftovers so it's more inconvenient to go back for seconds.
    Were you too hungry and inhaled your food? You may look into your calories and nutrition to get a handle on your appetite.

    There are other things that can cause overeating of course, it's different for everyone. But the number one thing to do, is to accept it happened, and move on.
  • nutmegoreo
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    I agree with the suggestion to forgive yourself and just move forward from here. I see a lot of emotionally charged words in your post and I worry that adding in fasts or very restrictive eating, is just punishment for doing "bad" things. This mindset can set you on years of hateful thinking towards yourself. We ALL need to learn self-forgiveness and self-compassion. Go with the forgiveness and work on improving your emotional well-being.
  • cwolfman13
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    You move on...a couple of days of overeating isn't going to make you gain weight (fat)...the human body is very adept at maintaining homeostasis...to override your body's ability to maintain homeostasis you must consistently be in a calorie surplus for an extended period of time or in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time. The human body is very good at utilizing excess energy in the short term.
  • dragonghost
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    Grab a heating pad an try an do better the following day
  • amusedmonkey
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    Move on. Nothing happened. Everyone, even the thinnest people, have days where they eat more than their usual. It's completely normal and nothing you need to feel gross about or even need to forgive yourself for. There's nothing to forgive.

    Fixating on it will only make things worse, pushing you to restrict, which results in more frequent overeating. That's one cycle you don't want in your life. Don't act like it's a clean slate, just act like it's part of life, which it is.

    You won't rebound to your weight unless you overeat consistently without catching it early. Don't focus on this one day, but if your weight starts creeping up over time, just re-lose the small bit you gained.