Do people ever criticize the way you choose to eat?



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    you're trying to lose weight and you're going to eat that?

    yes, i ran 13 miles for fun today. i will demolish the vending machine bag of chips. and many other things

    Them: "How are supposed to lose weight eating that?"
    Me: "I make room in my calorie budget"
    Them: "Ohh, that works?!?!? How did you do that?"
    Me: "I ran 5 miles this morning, and I'm going to my hard workout this evening"
    Them: "Oh" with a look of defeat

    That's always my favorite.

    Them: "You eat a lot for someone with an eating disorder."
    Me: "I run 20 miles a week. I eat less than 1300 calories a day."

    That person is just disgusting. You’re better then me all bets are off when you take it that personal. Sorry that person said that to you not cool.
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    No not really. I sometimes get comments on how "healthy" I am, like.. when I eat a vegetable. :D Well I suppose one of my coworkers made a comment about my diet soda habit.
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    Some of my friends don't understand why people would pass on a restaurant invitation to a pizza place because they want to save calories for dinner.
  • I have gotten tougher with age. I used to seem to attract all kinds of unwelcome feedback...whether it was "wow, you're ordering dessert?" or "Live a little, just have one donut." Or even about other things--my parenting decisions, what brand of laundry detergent I bought, how lazy could I be to buy pre-chopped vegetables. I kid you not--people actually have criticized me on all of that.

    In my 40s, though, I must have either appeared tougher or perhaps people stop criticizing you once you're older? It's been a while. My friends/family give me a hard time about being so "rigorous" in terms of what I eat and how often I work out, but they are doing it out of love, even if I choose to ignore their advice.
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    The only person who ever criticizes the way I eat is my husband and he doesn't mean it or believe the "advice" he gives. He just does it to annoy me. He'll laugh and tell me that avoiding sugar is why he's thin while he's eating cake (or other similar nonsense).
    Other than joking around, most people don't really seem to care.
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    They mean well, but friends will send links of articles about how "dangerous" my chosen diet is because several Dr's and nutritionists do not approve of it. However, some Dr's and nutritionists DO chose to do this diet and they say it is perfectly healthy. Then there are those people on this site that call it a "crazy" diet. To each his own. There are pros and cons to every diet and just because the diet might be right for one person doesn't mean it is right for someone else. Live and let live.
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    Yep, all the time. I could care less these days.
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    I get a lot of “wow if I ate what you ate I’d be so fat” and “how are you skinny if you eat cake for breakfast??”
    I dunno what the deal is with people thinking that they have the right to comment on your size when they consider you to be thin, like that’s somehow less offensive than commenting on what an overweight person is eating.