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Hi I started my journey About 3yrs ago.. counting calories with my fitness app... I drank alot of green tea and I tryed to stay away from simple carbs such as chips bread ect....I started by giving up soda and drinking water and green tea...I fall off occasionally but get right back on it .Not too much exercise 20 min of walking 3 times a week as you can see I was heavy so it took ahile before I started the gym.I don't deprive myself now of sweets I take a little bite but I don't over do it I still don't drink pop and I am more active now that I've lost all my weight. It still amazes me every day how far I came but I'm still going and my goal weight is 125 I'm almost there so if you're at the point in your life where you feel like you can't do it you can just keep going and remember you can do anything you want to do.. not only do I look great but I always have to remember how much years I've added to my life.ejz35jub7jvu.png
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