HELP!!! Exercising and eating well no weight loss

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone HELP😩😩 I’ve been eating well and exercising now for 7weeks and I’ve only lost 2lb in total. I did started off losing weight for the 1st 3 weeks but now have started to gain again. By 3rd week in I had lost just over 6lb but now have basically put it all back on. I’m really losing the will.
I go to the gym 3-4 times a week for 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs I eat rather well all week. Don’t get me wrong I have had the odd treat and take away but I count everything in my calories so I no if I go over. I long everything on here and in a food journal. I drink 2l of water a day.
I am also taking measurements and in 7 weeks I have lost 3” off my bust, 3” off my waist, 1.5” off my hips, 1” off each arm and 1” off each thigh.
Don’t no what else I can do can someone please give me some tips xx


  • viajera99
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    I don't see the problem here. You lost 6 pounds and a ton of size. What do you want? If you're smaller and your clothes fit better, what do you care what the scale says? Or would you prefer that the scale read a smaller number but your clothes were just as tight?
  • snowflake954
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    Are you using a food scale?
  • Panini911
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    x100 the above. you are making progress! congrats! take time to be proud and focus on that!

    But moving forward, what do you mean "eating well". are you weighing and measure food, then entering it in your dairy? Did you enter your stats in MFP to get your target daily calories?

    how much weight did you want to lose total? the less you have to lose, the slower it is to do so in a healthy way. the last 10-15pds should be at a rate closer to 0.5lbs a week.
  • Millicent3015
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    You say you eat rather well all week. Does that mean you eat differently at the weekend? When you go over your calories, do you eat less calories in the following days to get back to a deficit? Are you logging condiments, sauces and dressings, or do you let that teaspoon of olive oil or dollop of ketchup slide? Little things like that can build up. Your measurements are a good indicator of weight loss. Have you checked the batteries in your scale? Do you take multiple readings and average them out, or rely on one reading in one location? An uneven floor, carpeting, even moving the scale two feet to the right can give off a different reading. Keep going, tighten up your logging if you need to, and be patient. The scales may say one thing, but your reduced measurements may be giving a more accurate picture.
  • imxnianne
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    I’d choose inches > lbs anytime. I’m greedy, I’ll take both! 😂

    It’s always best to keep diary public when asking questions so others can see as well on how you log your daily intake.

    Also, depends on your height and lbs. The bigger you are of course, the faster it drops. If you’re 129 then it will be a lot slower.
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    Try changing the battery on your body weight scale.
  • workinonit1956
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    It sounds to me like you’re doing well at 7 weeks. I tend to lose inches first and eventually the scale catches up:). Keep at it, changes happen over time with a consistent deficit.
  • natalie_smith
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    Thanks everyone, I no something is working a bit I’m gonna get better at my logging and I do struggle a bit at the weekends staying on plan. It is also that time of the month for me so I have gained 2” inches on my waist but lost 0.9lb. I pay to get weighed at the same pharmacy every week. I’m not going to stop as I enjoy going to the gym and do feel better in myself.
    Thanks for all advice xx
  • bwogilvie
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    I pay to get weighed at the same pharmacy every week.

    Are you always wearing the same clothes when you're weighed? If not, that can make a big difference. Plus, weekly weigh-ins can be affected by normal day-to-day fluctuations. If one week you're somewhat dehydrated, and the next week you are retaining water, your scale weight can go up even if you've lost fat.
  • mkculs
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    Does your gym have a scale? You could try weighing there more frequently to get used to the very daily fluctuations you will see. I weigh daily and will occasionally weigh before and after a work out, or after a meal, or something other than my usual "naked, first thing in the morning after using the toilet" routine. The fluctuations are hilarious and make no sense. I've weighed 4 lbs less after a workout, and 4 lbs more. I've weighed 2 lbs more in the evening, and 5 lbs more . . . you see my point. The overall trend is all that really matters, and taking that together with fewer inches, smaller clothing/better fitting clothes, etc., you can know you are making progress regardless of what that darn scale says. I'd only be concerned about a scale that went up and up, no fluctuations down or overall downward trend (that takes weeks to see, by the way).