Alternatives to Coffeemate Creamer?

HELP, I’m addicted to Coffeemate flavored creamers and I can’t enjoy coffee w/o it. But I know it’s really awful for you 😞 What are some healthy ways you successful MFP-ers sweeten your coffee?


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    I really, really love this product: Ignore the price on that website - it's only about $3.50 per bottle and I can get it at Target, Whole Foods & HEB. It's just fantastic!
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    I slowly weaned myself off of it, using a mix of creamer and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and now I drink my coffee black.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was going to treat myself and add creamer to my coffee. It tasted "chemically" and I couldn't even drink it.
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    Maybe try to use flavored coffee instead with plain creamer or what I use- half & half?
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    AmyC2288 wrote: »
    Maybe try to use flavored coffee instead with plain creamer or what I use- half & half?

    Good point. Better coffee makes it easier to drink it black. There's no way I'd drink Folger's black. This, however? Yes, please!

  • melody6086
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    I love coffee mate creamer specifically the vanilla, so I know your pain. I stitched to half and half but I really missed the vanilla flavor. So I witched back to CoffeeMate vanilla but the sugar free option. I’m much happier now.

    Vanilla 1Tbsp 35 cals
    Half & half 2 Tbsp 40 cals
    Sugar free Vanilla 1 Tbsp 15 cals
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    well what i did was that i switched to the Safeway brand Safeway Select Sugar Free coffee syrups, personally i like the caramel but they do have vanilla and hazelnut.
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    i use the thick yummy cream from thai kitchen's coconut milk *about two tablespoons* and some liquid stevia.mmmmmmmmmm good!
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    I use real milk, splenda, and a little sugar.
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    I use creamer. It's something I'm just not willing to give up. I'm still losing weight and there is chemicals in literally everything we eat so I don't worry too much about 2-3 Tbsp of creamer/day.

    I think this is fine IF you truly use 2-3 tbsp of creamer. My father in-law... lord. I think it's a quarter cup per mug of coffee. I'd agree that I'm not into the artificial stuff and the hydrogenated oils, but I don't begrudge anyone else their daily joys. I admit to being a little woo-woo at times.

    I switched to whole milk. I have only really varied how much I put in. I'm down to just a tiny splash per mug. Really, for me, it was all about getting used to it. I didn't love it at first, but I LOVE it now and I can't handle thick stuff like half n' half or cream. Your palate will "autonormalize" as same FIL says about strong cocktails.
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    I started using butter recently to cut down on my carb intake, but it does still add a significant amount of calories depending on how many cups you drink a day. I was also having some trouble getting enough fat during the day.
    You can google "buttered coffee recipes" and find lots of recipes. My favorite so far is 1 tbs butter, 2 cups of coffee, 2 packets of Sweet n Low, sprinkles of cinnamon in a blender for about 30 seconds. Makes a huge cup of coffee which is what I drink. Signed, Coffee Lover. ♥
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    Black and bitter - personally a fan of chameleon cold brew coffee concentrate (does have flavored/maybe 1kcal or so versions, vanilla, chocolate).

    Stuff I use as additives: nutiva (eyrthritol + stevia blend, pretty mild sweetness), nutiva (liquid stevia, has more of a bitter-sweet taste), Torani sugar free coffee sweetener (splenda + vanilla flavoring, can't seem to find this stuff consistently now, alternative = davinci). Various ingredient I add to greek yogurt but can be used for coffee. Note: note everyone can tolerate eyrthritol...GI-wise..sugar alcohol

    Not really a huge fan of Walden Farms - texture is just messed up, usually has some ungodly amount of xantham gum/alginate/carageenan ingredient (slimy texture)
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    It's literally milk, sugar, cream, and flavoring. No need to give it up. Just make sure you're measuring it and accounting for it. I use 1 tablespoon of creamer, I tablespoon of honey, and one scoop of college peptides. 140 calories. Or I add nothing. 5 calories. Or some variation in between. It's all ready as long as you are using good ingredients. But no need to give up something you truly enjoy. Just exercise moderation.
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    I like the Coffeemate Hazelnut flavor myself. But I've been working on cutting the calories in my daily coffee recently. So I cut out the sugar, only use 2 of the individual creamer pods, and switched to a medium/dark roast with cinnamon for a little extra kick. Calorie went from 140/day just for coffee to about 42/day and I'm a little surprised how easy it was to get used to it. You might not need to remove it from your life, just alter the amount.
  • I use whole cream. It’s fuller so I need less. I also use Sugarfree Torani Syrup. Maybe not the healthiest, but a little goes a long way and it’s COFFEE!
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    I don’t like flavored coffee creamer. I just use milk or half and half and a little sugar. If it’s the calories that you’re concerned about, I had to wean myself down to the amount of sugar that I use. I used to use a ton more sugar and now I only use about half a tsp.
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    Switched to Perfect Keto collagen vanilla - better tasting and much better for you than creamer. Has 10g protein, 5,000 mg MCT, 1g of carb and some other good things. One scoop is 80 calories so have to watch that.