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What did you do with clothes that are now too large for you?



  • lorrpblorrpb Posts: 10,123Member Member Posts: 10,123Member Member
    I kept a couple of items as a reminder of where I started. The rest went back to Goodwill.
  • Dave_GettingFitDave_GettingFit Posts: 459Member Member Posts: 459Member Member
    I donated everything. Not going back!
  • wmweezawmweeza Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    I have ANOTHER garbage bag of clothing waiting to be donated...that makes 4 large hefty bags full of clothes! Some are even new with the tags on, but I refuse to keep my big clothes . I kept one t-shirt and a pair of pants as comparison for later on, and one other shirt because it belonged to someone I love who passed away, but everything else has been donated.
    My feet have shrunk even!
  • nooie19nooie19 Posts: 174Member Member Posts: 174Member Member
    Wow, I didn’t think about how much is going on emotionally with those big clothes in my closet. Thanks everyone for sharing. It is hard to let go of them because of how often in my life I’ve regained the weight. In addition, most of my work clothes from last year were dresses with no waist line and skirts with elastic waists. I didn’t want to buy pants in larger sizes because then I was admitting to myself how much I’d gained weight! So not only have I been buying clothes recently in smaller sizes, but I’ve been buying clothes that show off my figure better: skinny fit pants and fitted knit tops. I do like to shop at thrift stores except that petite length pants are hard to find.

    I’ll do some journaling on this over the holidays and see if I can ditch my old clothes in the new year! I need to dig deeper on why that feels so scary.
  • mamaLBSdownmamaLBSdown Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    I would donate my everyday items like tee's, sneakers and sweats. If it was a nice suit, dress, blouse or coat I would resell it on Posh, very easy. I always keep my good bra's (those are too expensive). During my life I have gone up in down in bra size from a C (as a teen) to a DDD to an F and back, so I never get rid of a good bra. I always keep my fav over sized shirt to sleep in, a pair of pants to remind me where I was, and my bras... because that's just an investment.
    Subject reminds me of my favorite song by Rachel Bloom off My Crazy Ex Girlfriend, she cracks me up.
  • sytchequeensytchequeen Posts: 432Member Member Posts: 432Member Member
    I've just done a t-shirt cleanse. I didn't realise how many oversized ones I would find. Even the medium ones drown me now. I knew I had a couple of larges that would go, but the mediums surprised me.

    here's fun though... I found a "large" someone bought me as a present (it's ugly as so I was only waiting a suitable amount of time to bin it), and it's too tight. Must have come from China.
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 973Member Member Posts: 973Member Member
    Donated to Goodwill!
  • Halloweenmom31Halloweenmom31 Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    I like to sell my big clothes on eBay. I take the money I make and treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally buy as a reward for loosing the weight. I do buy most of my clothes at the thrift shop. But once in a while I like to treat myself.
  • New_Heavens_EarthNew_Heavens_Earth Posts: 464Member Member Posts: 464Member Member
    Donated, or passed on to my mother and daughter who are both losing weight. What daughter doesn't keep she sells online.
    edited December 2018
  • nathalier71nathalier71 Posts: 597Member Member Posts: 597Member Member
    Donated everything except my favourite shirt =)
  • lizmcveylizmcvey Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    I took everything to consignment because I needed the few bucks I made to buy more clothes, lol. When I was loosing literally everything needed to be replaced down to bras. I did it in baby steps but it was pricey.
  • lizmcveylizmcvey Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    Skirts, dresses, and tailored trousers, I altered. Some I had to donate.

    Jackets and coats I loved, I found a tailor to alter them, others I donated.

    A lot of tops, sweaters, and cardigans still fit, the rest I donated.

    Jeans, donated.
    Except a couple of pair that for some silly reason I just keep- I mean, come on h you've been maintaining almost 10 years, they probably have moth holes in them.

    Cheers, h.

    P.S. I do still have half a drawer of beautiful colourful bras that are a size too big but can't part with. They make me smile, my collection at the moment is boring black, beige, and white.

    My bras got really boring when I lost and had to replace them too! You'd think I'd go for something really out there and pretty in a smaller size but I actually switched from really pretty colored and patterned Victorias Secret to neutral colors in a boring style from Macys.
  • kbmnurse1kbmnurse1 Posts: 316Member Member Posts: 316Member Member
    No brainer--donate.
  • marashay001marashay001 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I used to keep my clothes because my mom told me to. NO WAY! This time, I’m looking to consign a good share of them and take the others to charity. I have to have a way to fund my “new me” wardrobe. And having worn some of them only 3 times before they were too big, makes me excited and sad at the same time but you all are righ - they MUST go!
  • topathemorningtopathemorning Posts: 191Member Member Posts: 191Member Member
    I'm going to get a couple of boxes ready for the donation pile. I want more room in my bedroom for clothes that fit.
  • Gisel2015Gisel2015 Posts: 2,452Member Member Posts: 2,452Member Member
    This information is for those of you interested in donating gentled used bra.

    Your Old Bras Can Make a Difference — See Where to Donate Them

    Your Old Bras Can Make a Difference — See Where to Donate Them. WHO ARE THE BRA RECYCLERS? Mission and Purpose - If It Doesn't Fit .... Recycle It!

  • SueSueDioSueSueDio Posts: 4,422Member Member Posts: 4,422Member Member
    There's also this organisation:

    (They happen to have a contact in Alberta, so I have a small collection of bras that I'll be taking to her when I get the opportunity. :) )
  • nooie19nooie19 Posts: 174Member Member Posts: 174Member Member
    Took the first steps.
    1. I threw away my underpants that are too large.
    2. I filled a donation bag with clothes that are too large.
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