Full body workout...reps? Heavy or light weight?



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    I haven't read every reply, but 2 things I have not seen mentioned... Your stated goal is to lose fat, so the exact lifting prescription is not going to matter much. Losing weight is primarily about your nutrition, sleep, and stress.

    Secondly, I would focus on perfecting the execution of the lift rather than "heavy" or "light" or 6 reps vs 15. If you understand muscle recruitment, focus, and form you can make a light weight heavy.

    There is no perfect workout formula. The optimal workout is the one you can do consistently without getting injured and derive enjoyment from it.
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    Agree that if your primary goal is to lose fat while not losing muscle and maybe gaining some strength, any lifting program will likely provide you the results you are seeking.

    When it comes to a full body ST routine, I've used the Venus workout program before with good results and known a number of others who have as well. The extra bonus is that, at least in the earlier stages, you don't need a full gym to get a good, full body, ST based workout in - in fact, I just did one in my living room this morning as I didn't get up early enough to make it to the gym and back (plus my workout).

    That particular one uses a lot of bodyweight and some hand weights, ~10 reps, 3 sets of each exercise.

    When I'm doing my heavy lifting routines, I tend to stick to slightly lower reps (~6x3), but also do some muscle endurance training that is lower weights or body weight but much higher reps.

    I vary my workouts depending on the time of the year around my race season and any personal weaknesses for my own goals.
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    Thanks showjack70