What are some of your unpopular opinions about food?



  • threewins
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    Eating food straight from a can is very enjoyable since you don't have to do cooking, nor cleaning/dishes (exception: one spoon).
  • NinaMorgan27
    NinaMorgan27 Posts: 8 Member
    Peanut butter is unpleasant.

    I eat anchovies straight out of the tin.
  • francisolorunfunmi
    francisolorunfunmi Posts: 99 Member
    I hate cucumber and watermelon. Just tastes like *kitten* water
    PAPYRUS3 Posts: 13,259 Member
    On a whim I finally picked up a Quest bar to try (oatmeal/chocolate chip)...thinking I'm sure it'll be great with all the popularity surrounding this brand...

    WRONG! Absolutely gross! Almost reminiscent of Waldon Farms whipped 'pb butter'😖!
    And after reading the ingredients, one is not doing any favors to their health consuming it either!!
  • BuellerFerrisBueller
    BuellerFerrisBueller Posts: 35 Member
    Donuts are disgusting!
  • no1racefan2
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    Sooo I was scrolling through this thread out of boredom and found my contribution from 2018, which stated that I won't even try brussels sprouts or asparagus because of how they look. I am happy to report I have since tried and liked both of those vegetables :smiley:

    However, I stand firm in my opinion that coffee is one of the worst tasting things ever, right next to pickles. Pickles are absolutely horrific and if they touch anything at all on my plate, I can't eat what they touch, because it will just taste like pickle juice.

    Also, I think black beans look like little bugs. I never liked beans in general but I've branched out a little bit and will eat pinto beans, etc. in chili. But still can't eat black beans. Eww.

    Nutella is overrated.
  • dralicephd
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    However, I stand firm in my opinion that coffee is one of the worst tasting things ever...
    Agreed. I've never liked it, but the worst was when I was pregnant. I had such a horrible nausea reaction to the smell, my husband had to make his coffee in the garage!