Morning oatmeal

What do you eat for breakfast?


  • Lounmoun
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    I had pie for breakfast today.
    Usually I have something like a sandwich, dinner leftovers, granola bar, or fruit. I don't really like "breakfast food" for breakfast.
  • TavistockToad
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    What do you eat for breakfast?


  • bebuckner21
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    3 scrambled eggs and guava and pear bang. trying to meat protein suggestions for 1500 diet
  • JolieTash
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    I eat oatmeal every morning
  • Usually coffee and two eggs and some water. Sometimes some chicken sausage
  • TavistockToad
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    FL_Hiker wrote: »
    FL_Hiker wrote: »
    Where’s the breakfast....?

    MFP isn't about the food

    But the title is morning oatmeal ... I feel lied to.

    I, personally, am loving it!
  • zosia141
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    • Breakfast tacos
  • sardelsa
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    Toast and coffee.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    I had a bacon,egg and cheese biscuit, protein drink,plain yogurt with rapsberries and a little honey. I dont usually eat this early in the morning as I am normally fasting(done it all my life) but I woke up hungry
  • LadySaton
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    Sometimes a bacon and cheese egg white omelette. Sometimes an egg white scramble with cheese, bacon and tomatoes (plus potatoes if I feel up to a carb heavy meal that early). I even put egg whites in oatmeal when I make it. So basically...

    Egg whites n stuff.
  • amy19355
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    I had some of my first batch of homemade yogurt with some dark cherries. Tasty stuff! But I am going to have a bowl of grits with two eggs to fill up the rest of the growler in my belly. I usually try to get 400-500 well balanced calories in at breakfast
  • cathipa
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    Depends. Recently I've been on a kick with proats (see my page for my instagram for recipes and pics *ETA - not looking for followers only to share ideas*). If I don't have time I may go with a protein bar or just skip it all together and practice IF.
  • kgirlhart
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    I usually eat 2 boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit plus coffee with sugar and half and half. I rarely eat oatmeal for breakfast since it doesn't keep me as full as eggs do.