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How do you conquer the fear of gaining?

garystrickland357garystrickland357 Posts: 590Member Member Posts: 590Member Member
I'm new to maintenance. After all the work and dedication it has taken to lose 76 pounds I'm afraid of gaining. This is really a mindset issue I know.

The intellectual side of my brain knows to simply add in more calories and monitor my weight trend in the same way I did while losing. I know the scale will fluctuate and I need to maintain within a range. I'm familiar with water weight fluctuations due to exercise stress and increased carb/salt intake at times. I know all that...

But I still have an irrational fear. I don't want to return to that fat, former me. How have you maintainers managed the (irrational) mental aspect of maintenance? I'm sure many if not most of you have gone through what I'm describing. How do you cope?


  • StyggianStyggian Posts: 442Member Member Posts: 442Member Member
    gz on losing 76 pounds, I been on maintenance for a year, finding it difficult, am still trying to find the perfect routine :).

    All I can say is keep weighing your food and logging, then you can test and adjust any changes you make to your eating habits and fitness routine.
  • garystrickland357garystrickland357 Posts: 590Member Member Posts: 590Member Member
    A weight trending app helps a lot if you aren't already using one. It looks past the day to day fluctuations and shows whether you are overall gaining or losing which helps you make sensible adjustments rather than getting crazy over that one day your scale was mean and said you put on 5lbs overnight.

    Do you have a weight trending app you recommend?
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